Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I Think I Have Figured Out the Anemia

My wife is gluten intolerant and so wheat was no longer appearing in our home the last few years.  We eat out ar Mexican restaurants a lot and she always insisted on corn tortillas.  Guess what?  Wheat bread has 4x the iron of gluten-free bread, and flour tortillas have 4x the iron of corn tortillas.


  1. Yep. I have to eat gluten free, and I know that nutritionally, it's a dumb thing to do unless you *have* to do it. And, I have to take iron supplements.

    On the other hand, the gluten free fadists at least mean that those of us with medical issues requiring avoiding gluten now have a lot more choice of prepared food than we used to.

  2. StormCchaser: Yes, my wife and daughter are pleased to have gluten-free choices. But my wife and me are both apparently now anemic. A bit of warning on this would have helped.