Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Defense Distributed Victory

If you have not heard, the federal government has settled out of court with Defense Distributed.  They are allowed to put CAD files for printing firearms on the Internet without running afoul of ITAR (which regulates international trafficking in weapons of war).  Also, they agreed the AR-15 isn't one.  Interesting analysis here of likely results.


  1. The DD settlement could actually be a strategic move on the part of government, avoiding a potential precendent-setting court case that solidify (as much as any case can) the principle.

    Right now, it is not "law"; just an easily reversible position with the next anti-liberty administration.

    It is a win at a certain point; the skirmish level.

    Remember, the point of gun-control laws is not to restrict the number of firearms. It is to move an increasingly larger number of people into the category of violators. When a new law is put into place, people either obey it or become scofflaws. Both are a win for statists, because either response enhances their ability to control citizens. Guns are just leverage points used for increasing their control.

    Statists do not care about firearms, just like they do not care about overt and violent criminals. The guns and criminals are no problem for them, since the statists already have a monopoly upon any amount of force that they desire to use.

  2. Fully agree with BFR. It's all incremental, and the pressure never lets up; the end goal is that all law-abiding people will be debarred the use of arms, even if they still have them.

    Just like is happening in California now; some people have AR-15 style weapons- but now they have to be registered, and many would have to be modified to stay legal. Others can't be made legal at all, and have to be surrendered, destroyed or taken out of state. Passing one law made hundreds of thousands of regular people into scofflaws.