Monday, July 30, 2018

Is The Steak Diet Working?

I walked around a bit before church yesterday and was far less winded than usual. This morning I was down to 215 pounds,  at least 5 pounds from the pre-hernia repair surgery,  and 3 pounds down from the post-angioplasty weight.   (I doubt they put in 2 pounds of stents )

I will be satisfied at 190 pounds and overjoyed to get to my USC weight of 170.

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  1. Our bodies' digestive systems haven't adjusted well to handle anything that comes from a box. Cows, on the other hand (or fork), seem to work very well. We really do need a variety of foods in our diet. Sometimes simpler is not only better but the right thing as well. Not everything can taste like mac-n-cheese and for good reason!