Monday, July 23, 2018

I Need Some Help Spending Money

I discovered some money left in a research grant from the Lock, Stock, and Barrel project, and I am encouraged to exhaust that grant.  Ideally, I would do promotion of the book through radio and TV talk shows, but I do not have the connections (and apparently not the skills: local conservative radio here is profoundly uninterested).  I had contacted a book PR firm, but they were not interested because my website was not modern and professional (using the standard templates to make it look like all the others).

So: two possible ways to spend $1000 or so:

1. A web designer out there who would bring my website out of the HTML Dark Ages.

2. Someone with PR experience willing to flog my book.


  1. I have to go with Updating the site... That is Pre-GeoCities.

    Let me see if I can find somebody reliable.

  2. Do both if possible.

    Find out how much it costs to publish stuff through and

    Read about 100 of their press releases, and then write a couple. Or have your wife do it if she's better at that sort of thing.

    Go to your local community college and find a student who is willing to do a *simple* modern, attractive layout for a reasonable fee. Be explicit about wanting something that is simple, clean and elegant, but looks like it's been maintained. And make it clear that it needs to be simple enough that you can do basic stuff yourself. Offer them whatever is left over from the cost of putting a PR out on on those two sites.

  3. Hi Clayton. My name is Andy Rutledge and I'm a design professional in Texas. I don't generally take side projects but yours seems like something I should do. Contact me at pew at

    Kind regards,

  4. Since you've been cited in Heller, would a national show be interested in hearing from you?

  5. Windy: Suggestions and contacts?

    Andy: Thanks. My daughter has become pretty proficient at this and I will pay her to do it.

  6. Amazon link for book and link to website would be a start.