Saturday, July 28, 2018

Recovery From Two Procedures: Is the Time Additive or Multiplicative?

I was told that recovery from hernia repair would take a month.  I cannot find an expectation of how long recovery from angioplasty should take.  But do you add those times or multiply them?

The place in my groin where they inserted the catheter into my femoral artery is such a mass of bruising, I find myself wondering if they put a tool there and used a ball peen hammer to drive it in, often missing the head.  It is still sore.

Better than dying, of course.


  1. I've had several angioplasties, all through my right femoral artery, and found I was largely up and around without any real thought about it after 36-48 hours. Yes, there is a lot of bruising associated with the entry site but I don't find it particularly tender or limiting of movement.

    Never had it combined with a hernia op and don't know how close the two surgical sites are to one another or whether that affects your recovery time.


  2. I would say they run concurrently rather than either additive or multiplicative.

  3. I take care of post-angio patients regularly in the hospital. With no complications, some otherwise healthy patients go home the same day, though more typically it is the next day. There should be no after-effects except a little tenderness for a few days.