Saturday, July 21, 2018

Best Night's Sleep in Many Months

And in a hospital bed. Working hearts are wonderful.

Being discharged as I blog.  The circumflex artery was 90% blocked.  The left anterior descending artery which was cleaned and stented in 2014 needed additional cleaning and stenting.  Anemia still explains some of my recent exhaustion but that is easily fixed.   While it is nice to have such a relatively easy fix for this,  losing weight is even more important.  Of course, this may get easier with enough oxygen feeding the furnace. 

And yes, angioplasty is relatively easy compared to bypass surgery.  Still very unpleasant even with a wonderful hospital like St. Alphonsus.


  1. Really hope you recover soon. Prayers and best wishes.

  2. Glad you're feeling better. I had a catheter ablation to fix some bad arrhythmia in 2013. Being able to go through your day without someone pulling your batteries out at random is MUCH better.

    And as you'll see, them having gone in through the arteries is annoying, but ONLY annoying.