Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Still a Ways Off

Big brush fire a few miles north of us.   Inventoried everything on video camera,  figured out what to take if evacuation is needed.   Beginning to see fire planes headed towards it.  Getting bigger.  Everything essential ready for evacuation. Militia weapons last to load.


  1. Glad you seem to have dodged that flame thrower bullet.

    When my house was inside an evacuation zone, I was able to pack as for going to a science fiction convention, except I also unplugged the external hard drive from my computer and packed that, too. If I hadn't made it home before the barricades went up, the major inconvenience would have been not having my CPAP machine.

    I now have a spare CPAP machine that lives in my car. Everything else I can do without or pick up replacements fairly quickly.