Wednesday, July 18, 2018

This Whole E/R Thing is Getting Old

I have been having shortness of breath issues for some months now, including after 90 minutes being a couch potato last night.    This morning walking to the kitchen was too intense, and I was having upper left chest pain.  Nitroglycerin took the pain away,  so to the E/R.  The EKG was normal; the treponin level indicated no heart muscle death,  but I am anemic and the incredibly concerned and engaged E/R doctor thought these might be symptoms of that.   Unsurprisingly, the reduced oxygenation of the blood has many similarities to a heart attack.   He is having my cardiologist jump me in queue for an appointment and having me increase my iron intake.

This anemia might be a product of the hernia surgery,  but when I was in Dallas in May,  a 1.2 mile walk left me utterly overwhelmed,  so I think at most the hernia surgery tipped me over the edge.


  1. Hi Clayton,

    Has your doctor checked your B vitamin levels? Low B can get nasty.


  2. Time to quit the Vegan life. :)

    My mom would have you eating liver 3 times a week, bloody steak the other four and beans every day to up your "Hierro"

  3. Jerry: yes.

    Miguel: Mandatory vegan would lead me to armed revolt as much as death camps. They are similar in effect.

  4. Clayton,

    Be careful with increased iron in your diet.

    Iron can cause dark, tarry stool, and mimic the signs of lower GI bleeding.

    Significantly increase water consumption, and add a supplemnt such as Kirkland Signature Optifiber (Costco brand of Benefiber) to transport increase water to your colon. It is tasteless, odorless and dissolves completely. 3 heaping tablespoons in a full glass of water is a good start.

  5. Clayton, I have no suggestions to offer-

    But you're in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

    Going through what you're going through is really hard and depressing, but I hope you're keeping your spirits up. Depression can make a lot of things even worse, as I know from experience!