Monday, July 16, 2018

E/R Enema at 2:00 AM is Never a Good Idea

The second phase of constipation was bad enough for me to drive to the E/R last night.  I was concerned that they might regard this as not a real "emergency."  The intake nurse had spent nine awful days after a tonsillectomy, so they took it seriously.  After an X-ray to rule out bowel obstruction they gave me what I hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which loosened the logjam enough to reduce my pain and nausea enough to go home and sleep badly, a giant improvement over no sleep at all.  They also have a medicine that reverses opoid-induced constipation. 

I am still bloated and uncomfortable with some pain, but I can hear gurgling noises that suggest the factory is beginning to operate again.

If I have not already told you, avoid getting overweight, which is apparently a cause of umbilical hernias.  I spent too many years enjoying food in excess, with very high costs now.  The surgery diet, however, knocked off five pounds but bloat has kept my waist size unchanged.

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