Sunday, July 8, 2018

I Will Not Post This Video

It is too weird.  As one of the commenters observed:
Do you think God stays in heaven because he, too, is afraid of what he has created?
Pony Play Down In New Orleans. The Wizard of Odd TV went down to New Orleans to meet up at a Pony Play festival. Pony play is a form of costume role play. People involved in pony-play ("ponies") generally divide themselves to three groups cart ponies, riding and show ponies. Cosplay is in the same realm of pony play.  

When I posted the comment a few days ago about there are are websites where you can watch pronouns having sex; I thought that was the most silly idea that I could imagine.  Not anymore!


  1. How odd. All the porn of that online has pretty girls. Didn't see any in there....

    In the first 40 seconds or so, anyway.

  2. It's an OMG! moment.

    I had actually tripped across this website a few years ago, by the same clickonit process ... aomeone said "this is weird" and I found myself saying (why in the HELL am I watching this???).

    Unfortunately, friends trust friends to be a bit more forthcoming (explicit?) with warnings.

    Please, just send "this is like watching a car wreck" warnings.

    No harm, no foul ... just far too much OMG to be believed.