Saturday, July 28, 2018

Iron Hunting

Going to breakfast with my son this morning;  steak and eggs is my target.  Lean steak is 52 calories per ounce; so even a half pound is only about 400 calories, and provides nearly the entire iron RDA for an adult man.  I am not sure yet that I am going to go on an all-steak diet, but two 8 ounce steaks a day should far exceed my iron requirements to overcome my anemia, and 800 or so calories of steak should be very satisfying, leaving about 500 calories for the other extravagances (a cup of tea in the morning (about 107 calories); 8 ozs.of Coca-Cola (93 calories) with a grilled cheese sandwich (291 calories).  I should lose weight quickly on 1300 calories a day.

Now if I can stop eating out!  My wife has a refrigerator magnet that says, "My three favorite words: Let's eat out."  Alas they are mine as well.  When we were middle class, finances limited us on how often we ate out; not so much anymore.

UPDATE: I had a very small ham sandwich for lunch, 8 ozs. of Coke, and some Lemonade, followed by a very flavorful but low-calorie chicken and veggies dish that my wife made (she is an excellent cook).  I suspect that I am below 1300 calories for the day and not even slightly hungry.

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  1. Hey Clayton. Hope you are on the mend. I have persistent anemia and to combat that condition my physician told me to take one Vitorin Iron + Vitamin C tablet a day. Works wonders for me. Apparently Vitamin C is important to allow the body to absorb the iron in an efficacious manner.

    65 mg of iron per tablet. I have no stomach upset with it.

    Might be less expensive although admittedly far less satisfying than eating a couple of steaks each day. About $20 a bottle for 60 day supply. Amazon has it on Prime.

    The best,