Friday, July 27, 2018

Let Us Now Praise Western Medicine

For all the hype I hear from the soy-drinking hippies about the superiority of Eastern medicine, I have yet to hear anyone comment about angioplasty.  Had this been in common use in the 1970s, my father would likely have survived.  Think about it for a moment:

1. Push a tube from femoral artery up to arteries in the exterior surface of the heart.

2. Use a balloon or wire at the end of the tool (sometimes a rotating blade) to expand the artery to knock plaques out of the artery.

3. Stick in some stents (little mesh tubes) that keep the artery from shrinking back and clogging again (at least there).

4. Pull the tool and catheter out.

Next day, you go home.  Miraculous stuff!

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