Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Someone Needs Better Lawyers

National Review reports that the Mandalay Bay is suing victims of the massacre there to get a declaration that they are not responsible for the actions of a guest sniper.  While I understand the desire to avoid being held liable for an unforeseeable event, this is among the most anti-PR stunts that I can imagine.   They should be focused on defending themselves from suits that make no sense.  Unless the Mandalay Bay knows something that would make them in some way liable.


  1. Thing is, if you rule out conspiracy theories-

    Then all you're left with is a whole lot of people got shot, by some person or persons, for reasons unknown, and the shooter appears have been in the Mandalay Bay.

    So I can see why Mandalay Bay is trying to head off lawsuits. Doubt it'll work, though.

    Last I heard, three women were supposed to have been in the room with the dead guy that might have been the shooter; of course the police and the FBI aren't saying anything.

    Maybe they'll put their top agent, a guy named Strzok, on the case when he's finished testi-lying to Congress!

  2. Do a search on the owner of the Mandalay. Some odd stories are turning up. He may be connected to some of the shootings that went on that night.