Thursday, November 3, 2016

Riotously Funny

We all get those emails that say "Your account has been hacked.  Click this link to reset your password."  The text that appears says Bank of America, but the link takes you to some poorly done imitation of the Bank of America login page, which captures your password and user ID.  Within a few minutes, your account really has been hacked.

This 11/3/16 Weekly Standard article reports that John Podesta, one of Clinton's minions, apparently doesn't know about phishing schemes so when the "Google" warning arrived he emailed the IT team for Clinton's mail server asking if this was real.  And their response was:
"The gmail one is REAL." Another answered by saying "This is a legitimate email. John needs to change his password immediately."
Gee, with idiots like this working for our next President, "Pay for Play" Clinton, does anyone wonder how foreign intelligence services hacked her server?
It's like the Clinton IT department is run by 90-year-old grandmothers. I half-expect the next Wikileaks dump to have an email from one Clinton techie to another asking for help setting their VCR clock.
As the other guy likes to say, "only the best people."
Not really fair.  My mother died early this year at 99, a great-grandmother, and even she knew to ask me about what were phishing emails before clicking the link.


  1. Podesta is also reported to belive we are hiding a UFO at Area 51 and supposedly has convinced Hillary to declassify everything about the place following election. he is quoted that he intends to hold her to that promise.

  2. Top. Men.
    A popular line from "Raiders of the Lost Ark", made by a bunch of idiot leftists, and now, as so often lately, useful when referring to them, with the same irony and sarcasm as in the original.