Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had to reinvest some Treasury proceeds.  Northstar Realty Finance Corp NRF:NYSE is a Real Estate Investment Trust with an 10.47% annualized yield at present.  

GENERAL ELEC CAP CORP NT 53 GEH:NYSE is a preferred stock with a 4.88% annualized yield trading yield for long-term security; I can't picture General Electric going under, and preferred stocks have a very high position in the queue for assets at bankruptcy.   It is also below its call price of $25 per share.  The next possible call is 01/29/18, so I can be sure of getting some nice dividends over the next year plus two months.

I am a bit focused on high yield stocks and when interest rates go up, on bonds.  My long-term disability checks will stop in February, and at some point I will finish my research project for NRA.  Having significant growth in my Schwab account so that I can start taking 5% a year from it will become important.

Remember: if you are interested in becoming wealthy (and many are not), see this.  I need to update it with what I have since learned about maintaining wealth in retirement.

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  1. Two different mindsets:
    Making a living (having a good job), and
    Making Money. Most people learn the first, and don't realize there is a distinct difference. At least 95% fall into the first category, I suspect. Maybe more.