Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chrome Notifications

I keep looking for a way to turn off Chrome notifications.  But none of instructions I can find actually work.
  1. Tap Windows key + D or go to the desktop.
    Left-click the bell shaped Chrome Notifications icon in the notifications bar in the bottom-right of the screen. If it isn't there, then click the up arrow icon at the start of the notifications bar. Once you see the bell, left-click on it.
    Click the gear icon.
    Uncheck apps or extensions that you don't want notifications from.
    What bell-shaped icon? 


  1. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?hl=en

    Settings > Advanced Settings > scroll down to Privacy, click "Content settings" button > scroll down to Notifications > choose from the options (probably "Do not allow any site to show notifications")

    N.B. There is a "Manage exceptions" button with several google sites set to allow without the option to remove the exception.

  2. Did that. It doesn't change behavior. Although it may have stopped notifications after I restarted Chrome. Haven't seen one the last hour or so.

  3. Did you check the "Manage Exception" button in the same location?

    Do you have any Chrome extensions which might be responsible?

    Also, what OS do you have?

    The original instructions you posted did say that if the bell-shaped icon was missing, to look for an up arrow icon on the notifications bar (Windows bar, not Chrome bar, it sounds like to me) and find it in the resulting popup menu.

  4. I have neither a bell icon nor up arrow.

  5. Manage Exceptions button should allow me to deny notifications based on source, but I can't find a way to apply those changes. Windows 7.