Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Popular Lie

I understand that on some social media sites, Trump's victory is being blamed on Southern states closing black precinct polling places, so blacks couldn't vote.  This seemed implausible, and should generated a storm of lamestream media whining.  What I found was this story about how expiration of the Voting Rights Act allowed state and local governments to consolidate and reorganize precincts without federal supervision.  There was no closing of polling places on Election Day; these stories are from before Election Day.

Of course, you could find out where your polling place was with a phone call, but that would require you to care.  Black voting was down from 2008 and 2012 because there was no black man running for President.  The progressives just don't like admitting their voting base is racist.


  1. We had a Polling station that didn't open for hours on Tuesday. All sorts of stories immediately went out on social media. But then people found out why the station didn't open until noon. The judge required to certify the opening of the polling station and monitor it all day had died the night before. Once a substitute judge was present the station was opened, and the voting hours extended until 9:00 that night.

  2. Clayton I do not about everywhere in the South but in the Atlanta area voting was very light on election day. Because you could vote for several weeks at the Public Libraries. I think this was the rule throughout Georgia. There were hour long lines at my library for days before election day.

  3. Google had a special one day search box where you typed in your address and out came your polling location. I moved this year so it's how I found out where my location was.