Friday, November 11, 2016

National Concealed Carry

Trump is calling rhe gun control crowd on its "regulate guns like cars" nonsense.  He wants every state to recognize every states' licenses.

Happier every day with the results of Tuesday.

He said this in September.  Don't know how I missed it.


  1. Living in NYC, it is impossible to get a CCL here. I believe that any one who is not restricted from having a gun should be allowed to carry as well. All Rights for all who wish to exercise them.

  2. What is wrong with regulating cars like guns? I need a license plate and registration to operate a car on public roads. I need nothing at all to operate a car or any kind of vehicle on private property. With owner's permission, of course.

    I can let anyone else use the vehicle (subject to my insurance policy) on private property or, if licensed, on public roads.

    I don't even need registration or license to transport a car on public roads. transporter and driver must be registered, of course.

    A driver's license certifies that I know, at least minimally, how to drive a car. A gun owner's license would certify that I know how to safely operate a gun at some level. Possession of a license would not need to be tied to any gun itself. Lots of people have driver's licenses but no car. For example, sometimes our cars are both in my wife's name, sometimes in mine. Our licenses are fine whoever "owns" the cars.

    My car registration and driver's license are both recognized throughout the US.

    In short, what is the problem with treating guns like cars?

    That is a serious question, Clayton. You seem to have thought much more about it than me so perhaps I am missing something.

    John Henry

  3. Nice thought but the Constitution already requires States to recognize CCW from other States via the Full faith and credit clause. It is not an option but a command. Just because judges, etc can't read English and don't understand the supreme law of the land doesn't mean the law doesn't exist. There is no option for the States to selectively recognize the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of other states. And Congress may make only general laws about these requirements, whereby general means applying to ALL, not this one or that one. Nobody follows the Constitution, least of all governments both state and federal. The feds do not have the Constitutional authority to issue CCWs or to make such a law. Congress has roughly 25 powers and there are no implied or inherent powers that are not explicitly granted by the Constitution. Those who claim otherwise do not understand the Constitution and are unable to peruse the granted powers in order to see just how limited each grant is.

    Take the power to coin money for example. That power doesn't even include the power to regulate the value of those coins and the power to regulate the value was granted separately. The power to coin and to regulate the value thereof does not include the power to punish counterfeiting and that power had to be granted separately. Each power granted is as narrow as it appears. Regulating commerce doesn't include things in commerce or things that affect commerce. Hell it doesn't even include vessels used in commerce. During the 1787 Convention, it was proffered that Congress be given the power to regulate stages on the post roads but that offering was NOT included in the Constitution, dying a quiet death. The power over vessels not being granted was left to the States.

    So we don't need the BS of big brother coming to our rescue, we need to hold our state people's feet to the fire and force them to follow what already exists, the requirement to give FULL FAITH AND CREDIT to EVERY public record, act, and judicial proceeding of each state in every other.

  4. In re. NYC,

    If we're to have a national reciprocity bill at the federal level, I think it's essential that it require states to recognize all other states' permits, including non-resident permits.

    IOW, require that NYC recognize Florida permits held by NYC residents.

  5. He said this in September... of last year!

    Being in one of the bluest counties of California, I too am out of luck of getting a CCW permit if let up to the discretion of my local county sheriff. Should congress pass a national reciprocity law and Trump sign it, you can bet your @$$ that I would immediately go sign up for an out of state CCW from Florida =).

  6. John,

    a driver's license, and operating a vehicle, are not rights, they are privileges. They can be revoked, or controlled in any fashion a state wishes. THAT is why guns do not equal cars.

  7. Hi Clayton,

    I work for the Chairman of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus, Rep. Thomas Massie, and would like to talk to you about the Second Amendment. Is there a good way to contact you? I can be reached at