Friday, November 18, 2016

How Much Are Our NATO Allies Spending on Defense

During the campaign, Trump expressed his desire to see our allies either spend more on defense, or pay us for protecting them.  This report from NATO shows how well our allies are doing on meeting the 2% of budget for defense that is the guideline.  The U.S. (of course), Greece, the United Kingdom, Estonia and Poland are all at or above 2%.  Estonia and Oland, of course, are frontier members with Russia; Greece is probably more concerned with their traditional enemy, Turkey, also a member of NATO.  If Turkey and Greece go to war, which nation does NATO back?

1 comment:

  1. NATO doesn't have to back, or support, either side.

    Although my vote would be to support Greece. They would be destroyed in detail, which would be unfortunate but also end their economic misery.

    Then the rest of the world could demand reparations from Turkey which would put them in the same state as Greece is now.