Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Attitudes About Rape

Progressives keep using Europe and its social democracies (really welfare state capitalism--most democratic socialists abandoned socialism long ago) are the model for the U.S.  11/30/16 RT (yes, I know they are effectively Putin's propaganda arm):
A Eurobarometer survey has shown alarming tendencies in attitudes towards sex without consent, with about 27 percent of respondents across the EU saying sex without consent is justifiable.
Most respondents cite reasons like being drunk or on drugs (12 percent), agreeing to go home with someone (11 percent), wearing revealing clothes, or not clearly saying no or physically fighting back (both 10 percent).
Sorted by country, those surveyed in Romania and Hungary tended to be the most likely to say each situation could justify sex without consent, while respondents in Sweden and Spain were among the least likely to say so.
Russia has become, at least in its own mind, a defender of social conservative values.

As a number of the commenters on that story point out, a large percentage of Europeans now are Muslims, which might explain these numbers as well progressive desires to increase their numbers here.  Violent crime is always the argument for gun control, even when it involves a car and a knife.

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  1. I have seen a number of articles about a rapid return of orthodox Christianity to Russia, with it now being very important in culture. It is also effectively the state religio. Putin is using it to good effect by fueling anti-West nationalism by focusing on the very real moral decadence of the west.