Friday, November 25, 2016

And How Did This Happen?

11/25/16 U.K. Independent:

CNN 'accidentally airs' 30 minutes of non-stop hardcore porn

And because of what this "special" replaced:
Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown takes on an entirely new meaning

Apparently only in Boston, where some viewers probably thought it was edgy, transgressive, or because it starred trans porn stars, an attempt to shake normal people out of their bourgeois morality.

So, how?  Did hey get hacked?  Was some bored tech in Boston watching this and accidentally pushed the wrong button?  Is no one paying attention to what they are sending?


  1. These days, software controls programming. There is software in a master studio computer, and firmware in the various switching and sensing devices, and in the satellite receivers. And, of course, there is a human in the system. I wrote some of the firmware, perhaps used at that station.

    There are lots of places for this to go wrong. My bet would be on humans, though.

  2. I don't believe that this episode is the first of its kind. Probably due to the techs working mostly on auto-pilot.

  3. I thought of another possibility. Someone might have been watching porn on the satellite receiver and then it was selected for CNN by computer. This could be a simple programming error - not in software but in the setup of the schedule for the station.

  4. I've read news stories about this happening, for at least 30 years, maybe 40. Murphy at work.