Friday, November 18, 2016

Steel is Harder Than the Brinnel Hardness Numbers Suggest

I was battling with squaring an aluminum tube this morning, and I suddenly remember that when cutting gets difficult, it usually means the cutting tool is dull.  I think the squaring of steel a few days ago is the problem.  I just ordered new carbide tools, but I also notice the carbide tips are indexable, if I can find the right Torx tool.  Whoops!  Some of their cutting tools are indexable; not the relatively cheap ones I use.

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  1. Even carbide will get dull if overheated. Requires coolant to last a reasonable time. Even light cuts generate heat, and the long times your system requires to make any significant cuts will build up a fair amount. A cooling air nozzle might help, along with rest periods during your programs. Measuring the tool heat might be worthwhile, to figure out what is happening in the time frame.