Friday, November 11, 2016

"Key Pillars"

[T]he senior admissions director at the public university made it clear he believes that, if you are a conservative, you are a “piece of worthless trash.”
On his public Facebook page, GMU's Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Andrew Bunting claimed he is fearful of Donald Trump’s presidency because the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a group that believes in traditional marriage, said it is hopeful for Trump’s presidency.
Bunting stated NOM’s views are “not representative of the key pillars of American society.” He then added, “If you agree with them then that is your opinion. Just know that to the rest of us, you are a piece of worthless trash”:
So gay marriage is a key pillar of American society?  I suspect that in 1960, a really narrow-minded academic would have said "heterosexuality and marriage are key pillars of American society."  Anyone want to guess what happens to "worthless trash"?  It goes up the smokestack from thre crematorium.

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