Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tornadoes & Climate Change

Now the 11/23/16 Washington Post tells us about a tornado record:
In all of November, only one lonely tornado has touched down in the entire U.S. This lack of tornadoes is nearly unprecedented, but consistent with the calendar year of 2016, in which has twister activity has rivaled the lowest levels on record.
Through Monday, zero tornadoes had been reported so far this month. That changed Tuesday when a tornado was spotted by a pilot in northeast Kansas.
With an average November tornado tally of 58 (1991-2010), we are in near-record low territory for the month.
Only four other years in records dating back to the 1950s have witnessed comparably low tornado activity in November according to Harold Brooks, a tornado expert with NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory. 1976 had zero tornadoes, 1954 had two, and three occurred in 1980 and 2009, he said.
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