Friday, November 11, 2016

Maine Votes Down Mandatory Background Checks

But California, Oregon, and Washington voters voted for more laws that criminals will ignore.  11/9/16 Christian Science Monitor has the depressing details:
California's ballot initiative outlaws magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, criminalizes a failure to report guns lost or stolen, requires a background check to buy ammunition, and enables the state to seize guns from convicted felons in some circumstances.
When the 1989 assault weapons ban passed, existing >10 round magazines were grandfathered.  Not now.  Background checks for ammo have been tried and failed.  Criminalizing failure to report loss or theft of a gun is punishing the victim.  Felons in possession was already a felony.  Why add another such law?

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  1. Now that the people have been fully prohibited, if the State cannot provide proper size magazines in a State emergency they are officially prohibted from calling forth the civil population under the State militia laws. Issuing National Guard magazines from the armory is illegal under Federal law. Also, the guard magazines are now going to be a target for Police control given the danger now of theft from the Guard. This is in-line with FDRs Attorney General who after the Federal Machinegun Act was passed began working to have all NG automatic weapons placed in Police custody to prevent theft.

    Like my proposition on what really happened at the Battle of Bladensburg and the burning of Washington. You restrict stating its in the name of public safety. Eventually you reach a point where the penalties for issuing the arms in a crisis is higher then just surrendering the armory to the enemy.