Saturday, November 26, 2016

Those Reactionary Sexist Teachers

MSN News reports that exit polls showed that 1/5 of American Federation of Teachers members voted Trump, and 1/3 of National Education Association members also voted for Trump.  Of course the head of the AFT knows why:
AFT President Randi Weingarten, whose union represents about 1.6 million teachers and other workers, said some of the reason for Clinton's defeat was timing — and perhaps sexism. 
“Frankly I was always concerned about whether the country was ready to have a female president,” she said. “There was an intensity of hatred that male political figures never get. So I think we’re never really going to understand it.”
Yeah, unlike the fawning uncritical love fest that Trump enjoyed.  That picking a Wall Street candidate who at best was negligent with confidential emails and likely so because of pay-for-play does not even occur to Weingarten.  That many  members are married to men who are probably seriously injured by the destruction of the economy doesn't occur to these idiots.  And why should we give them useful knowledge?  Just let them keep picking anti-gun candidates whose major qualifying attribute is below the waist.
While the latest exit polling shows that the bulk of union members still voted Democrat in 2016, the Washington Post reported that Trump trailed Clinton by only eight points among union households. The data shows Trump brought out more union support than any Republican since Ronald Reagan carved out a group of Democrats thereafter known as the “Reagan Democrat.”
Hmmm.  I mentioned before the election that this looked like a repeat of 1980, except in 1980, Democrats picked someone who was a highly competent leader compared to Obama/Clinton.
Indeed, according to some union activists, Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office may present “an extinction level event” for unions as Republicans take control of both houses of Congress, the White House,and maybe even the Supreme Court if Trump follows through on campaign promises to appoint conservative-leaning justices.
If only.  Of course other union leaders are saying that it had nothing to do with issues such as climate change (industrial extinction) or gun control (bans):
Perhaps in an effort to console himself, The AFL-CIO’s political director, Michael Podhorzer, told Politico that union members didn’t vote on issues. As far as Podhorzer was concerned, his members only broke for Trump because they didn’t like Mrs. Clinton’s personality. “I would argue that this was not an election that was won or lost on issues and policies,” he insisted.
They broke  for Trump because of his more winning personality?

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