Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Things That Drive Me Crazy

Some years ago, my closest friend gave me a Black & Decker 71-945 ratcheting screwdriver and bit set.  Works great, lots of different bits, but the part of the screwdriver that holds the bits in place (until you intentionally pull them out), broke.  This is a ball bearing held in place by a steel spring.  Okay, I figured out that 6-32 set screw went into the ball bearing hole nicely, and held bits in place just fine.  Every couple years I had to tighten it again.  No problem, until I lost the set screw today.  Another set screw cof 6-32 size does not stay very well.  I wish I could buy just the ratcheting screwdriver.  I can buy complete sets cheaply enough, and other maker's equivalent ratcheting screwdriver sets, but I just want the ratcheting screwdriver.  Someone must have one that has lost some or all of its bits, but how to find them?  Cost isn't the reason: the replacement sets are cheap; it's just silly to have two identical sets of bits for one driver..

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  1. I think what you need is called a spring or ball plunger. Looks like a set screw with a ball bearing or a rounded tip rod protruding from the end. Has an internal spring. For your use, a ball plunger would most likely be correct.
    I did a quick check, and did not find 6-32. Not to say it doesn't exist, just not a common thread pitch.

    [6-32 is a weak screw size, and breaks too easy, so designers try not to employ it for commercial use. 6-40 is a bit better, but 8-32 is best if it fits the part.]