Friday, November 18, 2016

Neat Gadget

My wife's car charger gave up the ghost.  While looking for a replacement I found this one, which promised faster charging than the standard charger.  Sure enough, it is very noticeably faster.  While the description tells you it can charge two phones once, there is only a cable for one.  There's a USB port you can plugin a cable for the other phone.  Both charge  very quickly.  Where the charger plugs into the cigarette lighter you get a blue lighted circle.  My wife kids it is now Starship Enterprise.


  1. Bear in mind that fast charging a battery may not be a good thing. It certainly isn't for lead acid types, and I suspect that it is true for batteries in general, as they are currently constituted.

    Also, the faster it charges, the more heat is generated. This may be a bad thing, especially if it is contained in a protective sleeve or container. Electronics dislike heat, as do most plastics. If it is not an official branded charger, you may want to check the specs for your phone batt.

  2. USB standards now have a whole bunch of charging options. The actual charging should be regulated by the phone, not the charger. The charger just recognizes a device which can take a fast charge, and provides the voltage and maybe (I am not sure) the right current limit.

    I use these at home and in my car, and get very fast charging on my Samsung S6.

  3. I've got two USB chargers that I use for my phone. The one that came with my pocket camera takes about twice as long to charge the phone as the OEM charger does. The phone gets a lot hotter with the oem unit. If I'm not in a rush, I use the slower one, on general principal.