Friday, November 18, 2016

Another Letter to my Congressman

I suggest you propose the Population Decentralization Act, which would provide tax incentives for businesses in big cities to relocate into lower density areas of the U.S.  Advantages of such decentralization: more Americans would get the benefit of lower cost housing; rural and suburban parts of America would have more jobs; terrorist attacks are usually in high density locations because the death count will be higher; natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes will affect a smaller number of people per event, resulting in less need for massive concentrated resources.  Just imagine what it is going to be like when Los Angeles suffers a 8.1 quake!  The number of injured people needing medical care will overwhelm the area and surrounding hospitals.


  1. First, and an example of how I feel about California, if the big one hits in LA now, hopefully its after CalExit. Then they can see how well they recover on their own.

    Second, you do know the environmentalists will hate this since it means more land used up for housing and more suburban sprawl. They want everyone packed in tighter and tighter areas, even if the skyscraper apartment complexes are significantly more expensive to build and maintain.

    Third, you got it backwards. People are leaving the congested cities again for rural and suburban areas and thats dragging the companies with them. When a company leaves an area they usually find that many of their employees will not go with them. The people usually have to leave themselves: to be forced tends to produce a sit down "I ain't going" mentality.

  2. Like I care about Green fools? The carrying capacity of a piece of land is substantially higher the lower the density. They want density for political power.

  3. They also want density because they want to "return" the earth to it's pristine pre-human condition. Idiots. Part of it is they want to be able to look at vast tracts of unspoiled land from their expensive "retreats" that can only be reached by helicopter, far away from the masses.

  4. I thought the higher costs were due to growth controls. Obviously, we need a Constitutional Amendment against those.

    Alternatively, maybe we can apply Amendment Pi of the Constitution, in magic invisible ink that only special people can see.