Friday, November 25, 2016

Home Schooling

I sometimes wish we had home schooled our kids, no because the schools were that bad in Rohnert Park, Cal., but because the values of most of the kids reflected the values of the parents.  As a college instructor, I sometimes had reminders that some of those doing so were not doing their kids any favors, such as a student who had never done a research paper before arriving at College of Western Idaho.

Still, stories like this give me hope.  11/18/16 USA Today:
Torsoe was one of several hundred home-schooled teenagers deployed by a group called Generation Joshua in key Senate races in the days before the election to work for Republican incumbents whose re-election would determine whether the chamber remained in GOP hands.

All four – Toomey in Pennslvania, Marco Rubio in Florida, Roy Blunt in Missouri, and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin – won races. And all four outperformed independent polls in the last week of the campaign, helping to keep the Senate in Republican control.

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