Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Power of Trump

Progressives insisted that illegal immigrant amnesties were a human rights issue.  But 11/18/16 Washington Times reports:
The administration has already taken the first step to accommodate President-elect Trump’s positions, agreeing Friday to take a timeout on President Obama’s push to kick-start his 2014 deportation amnesty.
In documents filed with a federal judge in Texas the Justice Department said that in light of the new management that will take over next year, the case should be suspended.
"Accordingly, the parties respectfully submit that further proceedings on the merits of this case, including the submission of a schedule for resolving the merits, should be stayed until February 20, 2017,” the Justice Department and lawyers for Texas said in a joint request of Judge Andrew S. Hanen.
If this was really a human rights issue, why drop it?  They don't want a final blow to their nonsense in the closing days of the Obama Administration, or has Obama finally figued out he is on the wrong side of history?

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