Wednesday, October 12, 2016

White River Junction, Vermont

The closest hotel that I could find to the American Precision Museum in Windsor,  Today at the Connecticut Historical Society was very productive,  Never underestimate the capabilities of your wife (or at least my wife). We waded through hundreds of Sam Colt's letters and checks he received.
I have been making copies with both my Canon camera and my smartphone--in case one gets lost or disabled.  Of course, I proved the value of this paranoia  by leaving my camera in an Applebees in Greenfield, Mass., today.  Back tomorrow to get it before heading to Maine and the Saugus Iron Works.  Crossing the People's Fascist State of Massachusetts was no fun.  Stop, unload, lock the gun in the trunk in compliance with the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 until we crossed over to the Republic of Vermont.

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PhaseMargin said...

I used to live in Vermont. We had trouble getting people to come to a biathlon meet because they usually had to cross MA and were unwilling to put a multi-thousand dollar rifle at risk to the MA cops.