Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Their Cute Slogan: "Hartford Has it"

I hope there are antibiotics for it.  Why is every Democratic-controlled city I visit a filthy crime-infested mess?  Many shops, at least in the entirely black sections, have the rolldown metal shutters that cover the entire front of the store.  That's not for theft, but riot.

I asked one of the hotel workers if it was safe to walk around the neighborhood in the daytime.  "Yes, in the daytime.  Don't go into the park in the dark."  The park being the one around the state capitol.

Hope you like this, America.  This is where President Clinton is taking us and much of the GOPe wants it more than being associated with Trump.  I think we may well see secession of Texas and some of the Western states in my lifetime, perhaps joining some of the prairie provinces tired of the madness of Eastern Canada.

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