Wednesday, October 12, 2016

GOPe Wants Hilary to Win

That's the only conclusion I can draw from Speaker Ryan's opposition to Trump.  As Trump pointed out in the debate (which I just watched), his locker room banter was just words, not rape (like Bill Clinton) or attacking rape victims (like Hilary  did).  Much of America wants to watch violent and depraved entertainment, but find Trump's repulsive language offensive.  I see President Clinton and either widespread secession of states or civil war coming (and that is going to be ugly beyond imagining).


Eskyman said...

I agree entirely.

There will be "unforseen consequences" of this treachery by the GOPe.

This will not end well.

Rich Rostrom said...

There is no good outcome for this election.

If Clinton wins, the Democrats will gain control of the Supreme Court (for the first time since 1969). In my opinion, that's game over, even if the Republicans hold one house of Congress. Clinton will use executive authority to enact open borders, felon voting, media censorship, no-ID voting, and any other measures needed to ensure permanent Democrat dominance; the Court will ratify it all. And of course all the powers of the Deep State will be used to suppress conservative activism and grind down the Republican party structure.

If the Democrats win control of Congress, then much of this can be done by legislation, and a lot more. Again, the Court will approve it all, while striking down any laws or precedents that get in the way.

But if Trump wins... His ignorance, petulance, and vanity will lead him into continual embarrassing blunders, every one of which will be trumpeted by the media. He'll be ridiculed and denounced endlessly. He'll probably respond by issuing thousands of insulting tweets and hundreds of futile lawsuits, or by ordering US District Attorneys to file charges.

All of this will be wrapped around the GOP like mummy linen by the media. The damage will be enormous. Off year elections usually go against the President's party. In 2018, Republicans could lose the non-Presidential gains of the last six years. Trump will insist on running for re-election, no matter how unpopular he is, and lose in a landslide.

The damage could be so bad that no Republican will ever be elected President again.

Bear in mind that the Republican Party, for all its present strength, faces massive opposition in key areas of society. Here are some stats to make you sick:

Donations to presidential candidates from September 2015 through April 2016, by faculty and staff of colleges with 5,000 or more students and median SATs of 1,300 or better.

Candidate Amount %age of total

Clinton, Hillary 2,256,909.27 64.97
Lessig, Lawrence 16,963.36 0.49
O'Malley, Martin 20,868.64 0.60
Obama, Barack * 21,864.75 0.63
Sanders, Bernie 875,202.05 25.19
Webb, James 2,850.00 0.08

Dem Total 3,194,658.07 91.97

Bush, Jeb 48,042.00 1.38
Carson, Ben 18,687.00 0.54
Christie, Chris 13,750.00 0.40
Cruz, Ted 55,644.79 1.60
Fiorina, Carly 12,644.00 0.36
Jindal, Bobby 470.26 0.01
Kasich, John 52,024.00 1.50
Paul, Rand 6,527.13 0.19
Rubio, Marco 53,511.32 1.54
Santorum, Rick 1,000.00 0.03
Trump, Donald 15,761.66 0.45
Walker, Scott 1,000.00 0.03

Rep Total 279,062.16 8.03

Total 3,473,720.23 100.00

* Obama's 2012 committee is apparently still active
in some small way.

Note that five Republicans (Perry, Huckabee, Graham, Pataki, and Gilmore) got nothing, while law professor Larry Lessig pulled $17,000 during his brief candidacy.

Also be aware that a lot of these donations were from people who aren't faculty or administrators. The only Republican donor at Princeton is the campus locksmith ($2,027 to Cruz); one donor to Kasich was Ohio State's football coach.

The dominance of the Left in "mindspace" is overwhelming. If they have any other advantage, they win.