Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All Sorts of Criminal Actions

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Jim said...

All of O'Keefe's videos have been devastating.

Well, not so much.

It's not that what he's uncovered isn't criminal or unethical or outrageous. It's that they are about the wrong people. If they were about ANY Republican from Trump to a candidate for county commissioner, the press would be dancing in the streets. They'd make sure you'd hear all about it and they'd make sure you'd hear from all the "influential" people how rotten, craven, despicable, etc. he was and the Republican Party was by extension.

Instead, this information is buried. No doubt if you could get beyond whether the videos were not edited out of context, they would say that it's just too complicated to explain why it's against the law to accept donations from foreign nationals or why collusion between a campaign and a PAC is against the law.

There has always been bias in the media, but since Watergate, J school graduates are dreaming of becoming the next Woodward or Bernstein and bagging a Republican. This bias has grown steadily to where hostility to a candidate is now something to brag about.

There are more swamps than the one in DC.