Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Here's Why Some of Us Won't Quite Believe a Clinton Victory

10/24/16 Gateway Pundit points out that Democrat VP candidate spoke in West Palm Beach, and 30 people (including journalists) showed up.  Trump spoke to 20,000 in Tampa; Pence's rally in Salisbury, NC was packed.  Now rally attendance doesn't prove a lot, but if Clinton spoke here in Horseshoe Bend, I would not drive the six miles to it.  But if Trump spoke in Boise or even Mountain Home, I would be there for the historic significance.  (I can just remember JFK in a parade/rally thing in 1960.)

The fix is in.

As I was telling my wife about this, I suddenly remembered 1980.  Democrats were not enthused about Jimmy Carter (who had beaten the much harder left Teddy Kennedy), but I recall that there was general agreement that Carter was going to narrowly win.  Reagan, the ignorant and evil Republican, beat Carter quite completely.  The result "Morning in America."


Jim said...

I have not slept well for the last couple of weeks. If Clinton wins, it will be more the end of the end rather than the beginning of the end. How could we elect someone so corrupt and inept?

I may be fooling myself (and maybe I've drunk enough wine) but I'm feeling a bit more comfortable. I don't believe the polls and here's why:

The percentage of people who think we are on the wrong track is over 70%. Gallup's Economic Index is at -12.

Trump has consistently held rallies with tens of thousands of people. So many that people have to wait in line for hours to get in and some have to wait outside during the event. One attendee said going to a Trump rally was pretty much an all-day affair. This while Kaine holds a rally in Florida for 30 people and Hillary can't fill a basketball court. There is polling evidence that support for Trump among blacks is toward 20% (I believe Romney got 5% of the black vote). Early indications are that early voting is VERY heavy. Early numbers in Florida have Republican votes at 881,274 vs 760,003 Democratic. Does anybody think that if people won't got to a Hillary rally - much less stand in line to get in - that they will stand in line for hours to vote for her? Does anybody think that people who stand in line for hours to get into a Trump event, won't also stand in line for hours to vote for him?

None of this is scientific, but it appears possible - maybe likely - that a big surprise is in order and the polls are way off.

Jerry The Geek said...

And if Clinton wins?

You're just going to get on with your life the best you can, and hope that none of her draconian measures undermine the civil rights that you live the best.