Saturday, October 15, 2016

How Much Did the KKK Pay to Have This Made?

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Eskyman said...

That should have been funny, as it is so incredibly stupid, but it's really sad.
That seems to be an intelligent young woman, but she believes in magic and wants "science" to validate her belief.

The moderator said that this was a "progressive" space, and she didn't want to "collapse the energy." Good grief. Those people have no place in civilized society, which they will not maintain and have no idea how to create.

Whatever country they are in, I fear for its future. This reminds me of Cargo Cult people in a way; they do not understand why black magic cannot bring scientific advancement, but they can explain it by mumbo-jumbo that sounds good to them. Sad.

Shaking my head here, it's just such a waste.