Saturday, October 15, 2016

Back From New England

On the Maine coast where houses are priced in seven digits (left of the decimal point) the Clinton/Kaine signs were on just about every lawn, except one lonely Trump sign.  Remember rich people love Clinton.  She protects them from the ignorant hicks like you and me.

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Eskyman said...

If it makes you feel better- I'm in San Diego, often on the freeways here, and so far- I have NOT SEEN even ONE Clinton bumpersticker!

Bernie stickers, a few- still quite a few Obama stickers- and an occasional Trump sticker (I have one on my car, it's an old beater, so if someone paints or keys it, no worries!) but I still can't believe it myself, where are all the Hillary supporters? They seem to be invisible!

Could it be that "Hillary supporters" are not a real thing? Her whole campaign is having the media front for her, and tell lies about Trump; she has no accomplishments, her scandals are continuous. She can't be seen, because when people actually see and hear her, they don't like her; also her health is really poor, and she can't risk another seizure (or whatever it is) as that would demolish her.

This is really an election like no other! And the way it looks to me- Trump is going to sail home with a landslide!