Saturday, October 19, 2019

Where Can I Find of These on Sunday in Boise?

I am sure one of my former HP colleagues has one or several on a shelf.
It says 3A LE on the side.

But not with infinite resistance.

Why Trump Will Win Next Year

10/18/19 Rasmussen Reports:
Just over half of voters still believe in the likelihood of an illegal high-level effort to stop the Trump presidency, but not nearly as many expect anyone to be punished for it. Voters are evenly divided over which of the major 2016 presidential campaigns is more likely to have had illegal foreign help.
A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey shows that 51% of Likely U.S. Voters think it’s likely senior law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency. That includes 34% who say it’s Very Likely. Thirty-six percent (36%) consider high-level illegality as unlikely, with 22% who say it’s Not At All Likely. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)
Now, some people think Rasmussen is biased in favor of Trump, but these are the people who think Clinton won the election and have no explanation for why Trump is in the White House.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Idolatry or Blasphemy?

I ordered some parts from Cylinder & Slide recently, and they included this flyer.
For fans of the look of the early 20th century pocket hammerless Colts, this is really cool.

50 a year means very expensive I am sure.  

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Left Threatens Guillotine Use if Theaters or Churches Show New Film

At RedState:
“Fair warning,” it read, “several community organizations are planning to shut down your showing of the Jordan Peterson propaganda film. While many of us aren’t Christian and some even flat-out condemn the religion, we do not want any harm to come to your place of worship or those within. However, we cannot allow fascism to continue to rise and will not tolerate its presence in our city, whether it is on the streets or on the waterfront or in a church. Read some history books, read about eugenics, read about sex and gender and then compare it to Peterson. Pray on it if you must. Do the right thing. As much as we joke about it, we really don’t want to have to bring out the guillotine to fix society.”
Why I always carry to church now.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

You MUST Read the Comments at Instapundit About ABC's Fake Coverage of the Kurds

Here.  There are so many examples of fake news coverage.  Example:
Here is a still from some BBC footage documenting the problem of soccer hooliganism in Britain.
And a picture from Braveheart.  The anime labeled Kurds counterattack hurts to watch.  The laugh muscles are complaining.

So Glad Puerto Rico Has Strict Gun Control

10/15/19 Primerahora has video of a drug dealer being murdered.  Someone doesn't care what bullets cost.  I expect to see this video on NBC's next Kurd report.

Do I Need to Make This?

I need to put a 1/4"-20 screw securely in a .385" square hole.  1/4"-2- to 3/8"-16 adapter show up when I ask for 1/4"-20 to 3/8" bushings.  I need a tight square, not threaded 3/8".  I could I suppose do a .38" x .38" square, then drill and tap it, but this does not seem this odd an item to buy.

I managed to make the square so it was a press fit into the spider.  Then I drilled a pilot hole in the center.  Whoops!  Not quite centered.  I could not drill the .203" hole for tapping all the way through because I had forgotten to put something under the block in the mill vise, so I went to the drill press and ended up with a hole out the side.  Let me try this again in the morning unless someone points me to a bushing.

McMaster-Carr, purveyor of everything, has female threaded standoff, aluminum, 1.4"-20 fully threaded, 1" long, 1/2" diameter.  So just turn it down on the lathe to .385" and press in, I think,

Checking True

When I bought the CNC mill, I had no obvious way to check how accurate it was.  I had dial indicators, but no obvious way to use them.  That is why I was asking about dial test indicator holders recently.  But after a bit of thought, I came up with a solution.
That is a block of acetal with a 1/4" hole across, through which a 1/4"-20 screw holds the dial test indicator, and a 1/4"-20 threaded hole through which a long screw goes.  The screw end goes into a drill chuck.  There is less than .0005" movement per inch of X motion; perhaps .0006-.0007" per inch of Y.  Good enough.

Too Many Hours

But I could not find one competently made.  This is what the diagonal mirror glues to. Cosmetically less than perfect, but flat enough to hold the mirror solidly, and close enough to 45 degrees that the adjustment screws should fix any defects.

Monday, October 14, 2019

If .50 BMG Bugs the Gun Control Crowd,m This Will Really Smoke Their Brains

Vintage Black Powder Harpoon Gun In Case

Doubt You Need Them

telescope rings

These came off a Photon Instruments refractor. They are 4.878" (122.84 mm) inside diameter at the hard rubber foam. The thumb screws that came with it were M6x1.0, but at some point I either cross-threaded or stared at them too harshly. I have tapped the holes to 1/4"-20 and put in thumbscrews. The hole in the base for mounting to your dovetail was also M6x1.0, but because I suspect my buyer will be in America, I tapped those holes 1/4"-20 as well.

Aluminum. black crackle finish. If you need too mount a 5" refractor to your Losmandy dovetail, a great choice. These will easily go in a Priority Mail box. Have them in 3 days or less.

But I just figured out a use. The little telescope rebuild has a 4.5" OD tube. Cut a couple of 4.5" ID, 3/16" wall pieces and glue them to the tube.  Apply rings.

Two Axis Mill

I have been having intermittent problems with my X axis.  They seem to have settled into permanent.  If I turn off the controller and use the handwheel, it works.  If I connect the X control cable to the Y motor, X controls Y just fine.  I conclude therefore that the motor has failed.  I need to order a new motor obviously.

In the meantime, I am finishing cutting the 45 degree diagonal mirror holder with 2 axes CNC and 1 axis CEC (Clayton E. Cramer).  I advance X about .050 by handwheel, then run a program that cuts in Y at .1 ips, then makes a cleaning cut backward at 1 ips.  It is slow, but with this depth of cut, it works.  I can get work done preparing next semester while it is cutting in the Y axis.

And I Thought It Was A Funny Cartoon

10/12/19 Fox News:
For a recently published academic journal, the professor, Holly M. Barker, wrote an article "Unsettling SpongeBob and the Legacies of Violence on Bikini Bottom," in which she offers a different take on the affable sea sponge.

"SpongeBob Squarepants and his friends play a role in normalizing the settler colonial takings of indigenous lands while erasing the ancestral Bikinian people from their nonfictional homeland," the article reads.

Nice Collection of Videos Showing What We Are Going to Be Facing in Civil War 2


Building the Wall

Make a contribution.  I did.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Jupiter A While Back

At least it has bands.

With unsharp mask.

About to Buy Dial Test Indicator Holder

They come in an enormous range of prices and quality levels.  Pretty much all use magnetic bases.  But the tables and beds on the Sherline tools are aluminum.  How do you work around this?  Build steel parts that are held by T-nuts on the mill and do what for the lathe bed.  Similar solution that slides on the bed?

DQSH is Not the Latest Variant of Daesh

Interesting Piece About Drag Queen Story Hour:
Mr. Havranek, who performs in character as Venus Valhalla, was dressed to the nines: a flirty red party frock (think Early Katy Perry), sparkly stilettos, a Niagara Falls of a blonde wig, and enough stage makeup to supply all 14,000 extras in “The Ten Commandments.”…
The adults present loved Drag Queen Story Hour. They laughed at Venus’s jokes, and they sang the children’s songs along with her, rolling their hands and shaking their fingers Hokey Pokey-style as she did. When she stuck out her tongue during a ditty about a frog, so did the mothers and fathers. It was the children who . . . didn’t react at all. They either stared transfixed at Venus, squirmed restlessly, or crawled and toddled off to find their own entertainments. ...
I have an even better suggestion: Leave the little ones with the babysitter and have a Drag Queen Story Hour just for parents. Adults these days crave kid stuff—coloring books, Legos, cookie dough—and those moms and dads who stuck out their tongues for the frog song will likely jump at another chance to sit on the floor, try on jewelry, relive kindergarten, and virtue-signal. That should make everyone happy.
If public libraries really think this is an appropriate use of tax dollars and tax-funded facilities, I will start to wonder if they deserve any tax support at all.

Not Just Virtue Signaling

10/11/19 NBC News:
Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke said Thursday that churches and other religious institutions that oppose same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status, taking the Democratic presidential debate into uncharted — and controversial — territory.
This isn't just virtue signaling.  I think O'Rourke is trying to gin up hatred of LGBTs among evangelical churches.  A bit late for that?  No.  I have attended churches that are more fundamentalist than with which I feel intellectually comfortable for more than 40 years now.  I have heard one sermon attacking homosexuality.  Generally, evangelicals regard homosexuality as equivalent to adultery, fornication, racial hatred, greed, lust, gluttony, gossiping, and all the rest of the sins prohibited in the New Testament.  The only difference is that there are no Adulterer Pride parades, no lawsuits demanding cakes be baked celebrating greed, no demands that the grossly overweight (5'11', 400 pounds) be given the benefit of antidiscrimination laws. 

My guess is that most LGBTs in America do not care that some churches and faith-based institutions disapprove of their preferences.  But if enough churches get upset about this discriminatory change in status to provoke real anger, the LGBT activists who care passionately about suppressing disapproval will manage to radicalize the LGBTs that simply want to be left alone.

Sounds Like the Stage Name for a Stripper

10/11/19 Washington Times:
CNN’s Nia-Malika Henderson and the Democrats on stage for Thursday’s LGBTQ town hall were put on notice by the audience — misgendering or altering a transgender person’s name is tantamount to “violence.”
Singer Shea Diamond scolded the reporter and warned the nine presidential hopefuls on a Los Angeles stage that mispronouncing names can have devastating effects.
“I want to bring in Shea Diamond. A singer songwriter from L.A. She currently supports Mayor Pete Buttigieg. What’s your question?” Ms. Henderson said before being corrected.
“Uh, it’s ‘Shia’ Diamond,” the singer responded. “Put that on the record. Yes honey, it’s violence to misgender or to alter a name of a trans person so let’s always get that right first.”
Apparently pronounced  like "She a Diamond."

[I]t's violence...."  Of course, if you are confused about your sex, or think an atypical pronunciation of your name is violence...

Are Mass Murders Increasing?

Using the data from the USA Today/Northeastern University mass murder data base, we get the following data on mass murder victims by month for the period 2006-present.
The two recent peaks on the right are the Pulse and Las Vegas incidents.  And yes, the number of mass murder victims per month is not increasing.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

I Wonder if Dick's Stockholders Are This Blase?

10/9/19 Free Beacon:
The CEO of Dick's Sporting Goods told CBS News this weekend that his decisions to stop selling certain guns and hire lobbyists to push for new gun bans have cost his company roughly $250 million.
CBS Sunday Morning host Lee Cowan asked Dick's CEO Ed Stack how much his company lost after the retailer decided to stop selling firearms to anyone under the age of 21.
"About a quarter of a billion," Stack replied. "Pretty close."
Stack also said the company destroyed $5 million worth of rifle inventory because Stack believed no one should be allowed to own them.
A quarter billion dollars.  Obviously gun rights is a tiny, lunatic fraction of America.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Always Be Wary of Stories This Crazy Until You Found the Original Reputable Source

Because this one is too stupid to believe.  Instapundit linked to PJMedia who linked to 10/9/19 Kansas City Star:
A 12-year-old Overland Park girl formed a gun with her fingers, pointed at four of her Westridge Middle School classmates one at a time, and then turned the pretend weapon toward herself.
Police hauled her out of school in handcuffs, arrested her and charged the child with a felony for threatening....
But according to Johnson County District Court documents, on Sept. 18, the girl “unlawfully and feloniously communicated a threat to commit violence, with the intent to place another, in fear, or with the intent to cause the evacuation, lock down or disruption in regular, ongoing activities …” or created just the risk of causing such fear.
Farther down we learn:
A person familiar with a more detailed incident report spoke to The Star on condition of anonymity. The person said that during a class discussion, another student asked the girl, if she could kill five people in the class, who would they be? In response, the girl allegedly pointed her finger pistol — like the ones many children use playing cops and robbers.
What clas was this?  Why did the teacher not stop it right after that question?  And why was this turned into anything more than an admonition to not be mean?

You have your kids in public schools?  Why?
Last month in the Shawnee Mission district, two 13-year-old students at Hocker Grove Middle School showed up with guns — the real thing — found stashed in their backpacks. Both were charged as juveniles in possession of a firearm, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $2,500 or both.
But possession of a loaded finger is a felony?  Where are the adults?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Mildly Interesting Task That Would Be Generally Helpful to the Gun Rights Cause

I have a CSV file containing the USAToday/Northeastern University mass murders 2006-17 data base that one of you clever readers extracted.  It would be very helpful if someone could convert the dead count per incident and dates into a graphical presentation showing mass murder victims per month.  I suspect that the results will be startling to the gun control crowd, and useful for an upcoming debate.

Two different readers are already doing a bangup job on this already.


Not at our elevation, but a faint dusting across the valley.  I do not remember this last October.

Detail on Moon

I recently rediscovered an awesome picture I took a couple years ago:

I also cropped the crater just left of center:

Amazing what you can get starting with a 10 megapixel camera (my K10D).  I plan to try again with my 20 MP KS-2.

Loose Clamps

I am cutting a 45 degree angle for the diagonal holder for the rebuild of my little telescope.  Here is some video.

It was running rough, loosening the workpiece from the screw holding it to the tilting table.  Why?   The tilting table was rocking slightly.  One of the T-nut clamps had been cross-threaded and was not locking the tilting table to the mill table.  Movement caused vibration, which loosened the workpiece.

German Gun Control Success

At least two people have been killed after gunmen attacked a synagogue in Germany on Yom Kippur - the holiest day in Judaism. ...
Witnesses said the attackers also used a submachine gun during the attack and threw a grenade into the Jewish cemetery, leaving several injured. 
I would never have guessed that submachine guns and grenades were not restricted in Germany.

If You Think Children Can Be a Hazard Around Guns...

Consider puppies.  10/7/19 NBC News:
An Oklahoma woman was accidentally shot in the leg by a puppy after the dog became frightened by a passing train and stepped on a gun in the car.
Fortunately, only .22LR.  Once the dog learns to pull the charging handle on an AR-15, things will get serious.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

It Appears That the Russiagate Fraud Was Directed by Obama

CNN interview with Director  of National Intelligence Clapped had him saying that what he and the rest of the intelligence agencies did to organize this fraud was under Obama's orders.

Could Obama be prosecuted for this, along with Clapper et  al.?  That would be rich.

How to Dramatically Increase Power of Gun Owners

Talk about confiscation so loudly that gun sales show a 10% increase over last year.

I mean all those gun owners are buying guns with the expectation of turning them in when ordered to do so, right?  So you think new gun owners are going to be more or less likely to vote progun or antigun next year?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bolting the Mill Down

Instead of bolting it to the steel table where it currently sits with the laptop, I screwed it down to piece of 9/16" plywood.  This solves the problem of an extended mill table unbalancing the mill on its base, but still gives flexibility of position with the clear plastic dust shield around it.

Save the Date: Oct. 24th

10/2/19 American Thinker:
The Reliant, an action film coming to select theaters on October 24, is not a typical faith-based film and the secular community is taking notice. It was made apparent when the Motion Picture Association of America gave it an R rating. Although it had no foul language or sex scenes, and less violence than Disney movies given a PG-13 rating, the screenwriter and producer of the film, Dr. J. P. Johnston, had to appeal to the MPAA to get it changed. The hate mail the producers have received and the trash articles written by those opposed to the film’s nod to the right-to-keep-and-bear-arms is a hint of the size of the stronghold The Reliant is trying to tackle. The entertainment site, AV Club, wrote a review with the title, Watch Kevin Sorbo Fight Antifa in This Bat@#$% Trailer. When the mainstream “powers that be” come out in full force against a faith-based film, that’s when you know this movie is going to have real impact.
Christian films often are either ignored or summarily dismissed by the secular entertainment community. So why is The Reliant, starring Kevin SorboBrian Bosworth, and Eric Roberts, already rattling Hollywood and secular entertainment’s cages?

Read more: us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

Sunday, October 6, 2019

When Will This Madness Stop?

When the last transgender activist is strangled with the intestines of the last gender reassignment "surgeon."  (Sorry, Voltaire.)  10/5/19 Sky News:
Hundreds of young transgender people are seeking help to return to their original sex, a woman who is setting up a charity has told Sky News.
Charlie Evans, 28, was born female but identified as male for nearly 10 years before detransitioning....
Charlie detransitioned and went public with her story last year - and said she was stunned by the number of people she discovered in a similar position.
"I'm in communication with 19 and 20-year-olds who have had full gender reassignment surgery who wish they hadn't, and their dysphoria hasn't been relieved, they don't feel better for it," she says.
"They don't know what their options are now."
Sue the charlatans who promoted this craziness to young and impressionable kids?

Local News Only

10/5/19 NBC New York:
A homeless man was taken into custody after four other sleeping homeless men were beaten to death with a metal pipe overnight in Chinatown, authorities said. 
NYPD officers responding to a 911 call around 1:50 a.m. on Saturday found an unconscious man lying in the street with "severe head trauma" near 2 Bowery, Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes, the commanding officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan South, said at a news conference Saturday morning. 
A second man with head trauma approached officers at the scene, Hughes said. Witnesses told the officers a man in a black jacket and black pants struck the unconscious victim in the head with a metal pipe several times before fleeing the scene. 
Another of those dreaded assault pipes!

More evidence Americans Hate Guns

Concealed Carry Permit Holders Across the United States: 2019

No Shame

9/30/19 Washington Post reports black 6th grader who was a victim of three white boys who held her down to cut off her dreadlocks made it up,  Having run out of rapes and racially motivated hate crimes, racially motivated hair discrimination is the new big thing.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

We Still Have Work to Do

We had several people over from church last night for dinner.  The Second Amendment came up as we went around the table introducing ourselves.  (Guess who was introducing himself.)    One gal was born and raised in Detroit, and supported the right to self-defense, but asked why anyone needs an automatic rifle like an AR-15.  Another guest corrected her.  She explained that she had seen news coverage claiming such.  We then explained much news coverage is false.  She was of course unsurprised.

I should mention that she was uncomfortable in wilderness surrounded by wild animals "not stores and people."  And that was before we listed the local wildlife. If you have visited my home, stop laughing.  For a Detroiter this is wilderness.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Conspiracy or Lunacy?

10/3/19 [U.K.] Star:
An iPhone user is suing Apple after claiming an app on his phone turned him gay.
The plaintiff, identified only as D Razumilov, argues he became "mired in same-sex relationships" this summer after getting involved in a cryptocurrency app.
Razumilov said in his complaint: "I thought, indeed, how can I judge something without trying it?"

And so, because of this message, he said he began having same-sex relationships.
"I can say after the passage of two months that I'm mired in intimacy with a member of my own sex and can't get out," the complaint continues.
Razumilov explained: "I have a steady boyfriend and I don't know how to explain it to my parents."
Apple's CEO is gay.  The mind control rays are very strong in the iPhone.

Why Impeachment is So Important

The numbers: The economy added 136,000 new jobs in September, the government said Friday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had forecast a 150,000 increase.This is the slowest pace of job growth in four months, as businesses grew more cautious about hiring, but employment gains for August and July revised up by a combined 45,000And in a separate survey, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 3.5%, the lowest rate since December 1969. The number of unemployed people fell by 275,00 over the month.
One dark spot in the report was that the increase in worker pay over the past 12 months fell to 2.9% from 3.2%. Average hourly earnings were little changed in September following an 11-cent gain in August.
I doubt inflation is 2.9%  a year.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Alternative to Fuses in Low Power Electronics

The controller box for the CNC mill keeps blowing fuses.  After replacing the Y axis fuse AGAIN, I suspected the stepper motor on the Y axis.  When I measure resistance across the eight terminals on the X, Y, and Z motors, I get suspicious that the motor most recently blowing fuses has some internal short.

 X and Z motors show 1.7-1.8 ohms across pins 1 and 2, and 3.5 ohms across pins 1 and 3.  Y motor shows .6 ohms across 1 and 2, and 2.1 across pins 1 and 3.  This discrepancy makes me suspect the motor, especially because hooking up the working X motor's cable to the Y motor causes no motion.

A circuit breaker instead of a fuse would seem a better choice; something that does require disassembly and the very tedious and fine dexterity to replace this tiny fuse.  Are there such devices that might be an aftermarket replacement?  It seems to be labeled 3A LE, two leads, which bend very readily when trying to put them into the socket.

At least I can use it as a manual mill while waiting for technical support.

Things That I Have Forgotten Since I Last Used a Sherline Mill Manually

How tedious it is to use a mill just tall enough that you cannot change Z from a seated position and standing makes X and Y hard to reach.

That face milling aluminum is very limited.  In CNC mode, I face mill .001" at a slice.  Edge milling works much better.

That the drill press mill that I squared and trued to use in place of the very precise and small Sherline mill gets pulled loose from its clamps with any significant vibration,  Not an issue at .001" slices.

That I really do need to drill holes through this conference table to bolt the mill down.

Rebooting PC fixed it.

Medicare For Everyone?

The left are screaming for Medicare for everyone.  My experience with Medicare and my Medicare Advantage plan so far had been absolutely wonderful.  I would not mind it being open to everyone as long as they pay the actual costs.  I'd you are my age, you have paid into the program through paycheck withholding for decades.
Want to join?  Then pay your share of decades of costs and then the monthly premiums. I suspect this would become a far less attractive idea.

Yes, I have seen many doctors who refuse Medicare, some of whom have told me the government needed to do something.  "Do you take Medicare patients?"  "No."

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Not News for My Regular Readers

Learn about the danger of substance abuse for those suffering from schizophrenia.

The Next Time Some Milllenial Expresses Enthusiasm for Student Loan Forgiveness

Remind them America is not special.  9/27/19 The Guardian:
In 1998, universal free higher education ended: fees of £1,000 per year were introduced, and maintenance grants were replaced with loans to be paid back when the student started earning more than £10,000 a year. Since then, costs have risen. In 2006, fees were raised to £3,000 a year. In 2012, this went up to £9,000. In 2017, the cap went up to £9,250, and is expected to keep rising. The average student now leaves university with about £50,000 of debt.

A Real Starter Castle

Found this in central Nevada

Reasons to Leave California

Click here to see the views that I could never afford there.
Spring 2019

Winter 2014

Spring 2012

Share with your friends who can barely afford one bedroom in a bad section of S.F.

Feeling Old

I want a thumbnail displayed and when you click it you go to the image.  This should be an A HREF="image URL" followed by an IMG SRC="thumbnail URL" and closing tag.

Of course adding the less than greater thans will scramble this in blogger.

Figured it out.  Blank should be %20.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

2 + 2 = What?

I am sure you have read Orwell's 1984.  If not, get to it right now!  That is the most important fiction of the 20th century, maybe of the second millennium.  But a lot of people have not.  A friend graduated from Sonoma State University with a BA in Political Science, but had never read it.  How you could spend four years studying PoliSci without 1984 assigned eludes me.

You probably know that Winston is tortured until 2+2=whatever the Party says it is.  The theme that there is no absolute right and wrong is at the core of IngSoc and all other totalitarian systems.  From Seattle Public Schools:
K-12 Math Ethnic Studies Framework (20.08.2019)
Where does Power and Oppression show up in our math experiences?
● Who holds power in a mathematical classroom?
● Is there a place for power and authority in the math classroom?
● Who gets to say if an answer is right?
● What is the process for verifying the truth?
● Who is Smart? Who is not Smart?
● Can you recognize and name oppressive mathematical practices in your experience?
● Why/how does data-driven processes prevent liberation?
How is math manipulated to allow inequality and oppression to persist?
● Who is doing the oppressing?
● Who does the oppression protect? Who does this oppression harm?
● Where is there an opportunity to examine systemic oppression?
● How can math help us understand the impact of economic conditions and systems that contribute to poverty and slave labor?
● How does math contribute to how we value natural resources?
If you saw the magnificent 1984 (1984) with Richard Burton, you doubtless noticed that the technology of Orwell's 1984 was only very mild incremental improvements of 1940s technology.  I could not find it with a quick skim, but Orwell points out that the reluctance to accept absolute truth held back science and technology beyond the level required to make superior weapons and instruments of oppression.  (Orwell's little dig at Lysenkoism, I think.)

How will Boeing, Microsoft, and other technology companies continue advancing when " ● Who gets to say if an answer is right? ● What is the process for verifying the truth?" takes over.  If 2+2=whatever is needed to break White Privilege, who will develop AND and OR gate combinations that add binary numbers in computers.  Are there no adults left in Seattle?  There are apparently none in Seattle public schools bureaucracy.

It just occurred to me: math is white science, like Judenphysik.

Thread-Cutting Attachment on Your Lathe

I could use a 3" 1/4"-20, fully threaded socket head screw.  Just complete threading the existing screw.  I can buy them, but I only need one, not 50.

Never mind $38 is cheap enough to have 49 spares.

Verizon Sucks

We have paid with AutoPay from one checking account for several years without problem.  Then we switched it to another checking account.  When I told it to pay the bill, it reported bill paid.  But there was some problem with the numbers so it did not come out the new checking account.  Tried again: sam result.  So, the nasty letter arrives, we pay the balance by credit card.  Next bill arrives; we send a check, which they refuse because of "previous payments returned by your institution."  We are not allowed to write checks to them until at least May.  And even though they did not even try to cash the check, they charged us $40 for a returned check.

There is no way ton talk to a human there.  I am waiting for online chat.  If there were any other wireless provider in Horseshoe Bend, we would switch.

Ambidextrous Safety for Mustang

It arrived from Cylinder & Slide promptly.  It is a very pretty piece of work:
I had initially thought of installing it myself.  When I bought my stainless Colt Government Model, installing the Pachmayr ambi was trivial: tap the safety out from the right, press the two sides in where the sides keyed into each other.  The only fitting was a little emery cloth on the shaft to make the two sides actually slide into the hole in the frame.

This is a bit harder; removing the mainspring housing, and possibly some work on the hammer.  I am not so poor as to try this myself and either need a replacement hammer or end up with a not utterly trustworthy safety.  Thus I am taking it to Precision Gunsmithing in Nampa, who quoted me $45 for install.  Bargain!

Another Hole in my Belt

I had to drill another hole in my belt (smaller) because the belt was no longer tight enough to hold up my pants, even without a gun on it.  Not weight loss; I am having trouble getting and staying below 205 pounds.  (For someone 5' 11", this is not wonderful, but better.)  I have been having lower back pain, so I started sit-ups to alleviate that pain and the waist is shrinking.

Worst Telemarketing Call Ever

In Chinese.