Sunday, March 18, 2018

More Evidence That Ignorance is Alive and Well

I am sure that you know that slang expression "hooker" is commonly believed to be derived from the name of Civil War General Joseph Hooker, who has a statue outside the Boston legislature.  The entrance door near it is called, for no apparent reason, the General Hooker Entrance. 3/15/18 CBS Boston:
BOSTON (CBS) – A Massachusetts lawmaker wants the “General Hooker Entrance” sign removed from the State House because she calls it a double entendre “misrepresented as respect for a long-dead general.”
Michelle DuBois – a state representative from Brockton, West Bridgewater, and East Bridgewater – tweeted a picture of the sign on Wednesday, saying “#MeToo it’s not all about rape & harassment but also women’s dignity.”
So she thinks, what?  The statue was put up to justify the double entendre entrance name?  I think her parents named her Michelle because they knew America's first black First Lady would be named Michelle.

Oh yes:
A rumor also swirled that the slang word “hooker” came to be based on a group of women prostitutes who used to follow General Hooker around during the Civil War.
Massachusetts Historical Society Librarian Peter Drummey clarified: “It’s not true that it was started because of him. It pre-dates the Civil War. They were really talking about the camp followers, the prostitutes, and other shady hanging around his headquarters.

Ballistic Testing

Ammunition to Go.

Ballistic gelatin tested gobs of JHPs for penetration.  Of course they sell all of this stuff.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Okay, This Tops the Johns Hopkins Surgeon Who Did His Own Appendectomy

A Kentucky midwife helped deliver her own baby via Caesarean section — stunning even her doctors.
Emily Dial, of Lawrenceburg, scrubbed in for the surgery and gave birth Sunday to a baby girl at Frankfort Regional Medical Center, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.
With medical gloves on over her IV, the certified nurse-midwife reportedly pulled the 7-pound, 15-ounce baby from her abdomen on her own.

I Look Forward to Gun Control Groups Making Excuses

3/16/18 Far Left Watch reports on the leader of the Maoist Red Guards Austin being charged with felon in possession weapons charge.

That Bridge Collapse in Florida

Another, "We warned the government and they dropped the ball" story.  3/17/18 Boston Herald:
MIAMI — An engineer left a voicemail two days before a catastrophic bridge failure in Miami to say some cracking had been found at one end of the concrete span, but the voicemail wasn't picked up until after the collapse, Florida Department of Transportation officials said Friday.
The voicemail left on a landline wasn't heard by a state DOT employee until Friday because the employee was out of the office on an assignment, the agency said in an email.
Maybe he should have requested a callback or left a message somewhere else as well.
The $14.2 million project was supposed to take advantage of a faster, cheaper and safer method of bridge-building promoted by the university.
Why they call it an ivory tower.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Still Fighting These Things That Appear in Lower Corner of Screen

They either take me to or some conservative Canadian's webpage.  I have used the exclude feature in the Chrome Settings and these silly popups keep appearing.  What makes them annoying is that if you try to do anything in that section of the screen in any application, you get taken to these webpages.  Is there any way to make these stop?

The Walkout Was Less Voluntary Than It Appears

HILLIARD, Ohio — An Ohio high school student says he tried to remain nonpolitical during school walkouts over gun violence and was suspended for a day because he stayed in a classroom instead of joining protests or the alternative, a study hall.
Hilliard senior Jacob Shoemaker says school isn't the place for politics, and he wasn't taking sides Wednesday.
The district says it's responsible for students' safety and they can't be unsupervised.
Does anyone besides me smell revenge?