Thursday, August 28, 2014

applying for social security disability online

Quite a bit less painful than I expected, and paperwoej from SSA in the mail  shows that the process is under way.  Talking to a disability attorney gives me confidence that this is going to be approved.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


The physical therapist says my right arm is rapidlydeveloping both mobility and strength.  I can move upper arm muscles. my wrist and some finger.

This Is Cruel

Travel Channel running a show called Burrito Paradise highlighting local burrito restaurants around the U.S. Boy would  love a chilie colorado burrito right now.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Last Sailing Ship Battle During World War II

A  reader brought to my attention this news coverage of what appears to be the last battle betwen sailing ships just after the end of World War II.  U.S military personel commandeered and armed  a couple of Chinese junks for transport, and ran into another junk commandeered by Japanese Naval officers.

The Microsoft Login Problem

My guess is that whatever problem I am seeing is specific to my environment or W8 victims would be screaming up a storm.  My W8 notebook is talking through the guest wifi here in the hospital.   Like most guest wi-fis, attempts to contact a remote server go to a servver that requires you to approve a conditions, of use page, before allowing the http request through to target server.  I suspect that however W8 is validating the Microsoft login, isn't handling an inability to get a legitimate response from;  I may have to wait until I am home henc.

things Could Be Worse

Not everyone in this rehabilitation unit is here because of strokes.  Quite a number of the other people I see learning to walk and other advanced skills hae stitches that go entirely across their scalps.  One guy's face is a mass of bruises.  I am guessing many of these are vehicle accidents.

Microsoft Login Is Broken

I keep trying to reset the Microsoft Login password through, and it won't do it.  It refuses to recognize the passphrase you have to enter.  I went through the sequence about five times.  And that means Windows 8 won't let me login.