Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Headed to Knoxville, Tenn.

Lincoln Memorial University School of Law invited me to a symposium on Friday.  I will be expecting my fans to be at the airport with a brass band and banners.

I Was Going to Blame President Trump

Paid off the mortgage yesterday; no debts of any sort!  The loan officer at the credit union admitted that this is generally unusual, although we were the third payoff of the day.

But as the top of my blog observes:
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." -- Rom. 8:28
A lot of what makes me unique and capable of doing what I do are inherited brain defects.  I am called to the purpose of making the world a better place for people with severe mental illness.  And even tragedies work together for that purpose.  I was looking for a video like the 1950s analgesic TV ads, but this was the best that I could do.

Since the 2014 stroke, there has been no depression, just (barely) controlled mania.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Educate Me About Compass Types

 Originally, I glued a very tiny compass on the base plate.  It took a while for me to figure out that I needed the polar axis pointing to 349 degrees; true north, is 11 degrees west of magnetic north.  The compass is tiny, and hard to read unless I get on my knees.  I use the Compass app on my once and future cellphone to get the big telescope pointing to true north, but it is not as easy as I would like. 

The Compass Store has more types of compass than I knew existed; one with glowing pointer, 8-12" diameter, and a flat bottom would be perfect.  Baseplate, Sighting, Orienteering...  what am I looking for?

Sunday, January 13, 2019

I Have Been Looking For This Outer Limits Intro For Some Time

I always thought of it as inferior to Twilight Zone, but the intro was as good as it gets for the time:

When Even Mother Jones is Reporting This

1/5/10 Mother Jones reviews a new book:
Tell Your Children is nonfiction that takes a sledgehammer to the promised benefits of marijuana legalization, and cannabis enthusiasts are not going to like it one bit....

We look back and laugh at Reefer Madness, which was pretty over-the-top, after all, but Berenson found himself immersed in some pretty sobering evidence: Cannabis has been associated with legitimate reports of psychotic behavior and violence dating at least to the 19th century, when a Punjabi lawyer in India noted that 20 to 30 percent of patients in mental hospitals were committed for cannabis-related insanity. The lawyer, like Berenson’s wife, described horrific crimes—including at least one beheading—and attributed far more cases of mental illness to cannabis than to alcohol or opium. The Mexican government reached similar conclusions, banning cannabis sales in 1920—nearly 20 years before the United States did—after years of reports of cannabis-induced madness and violent crime.
Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised, but regular readers of Mother Jones are probably making little Bereson voodoo dolls now.  I suspect George Soros' funding of pot legalization is at least partly driven by his hatred of America, which does not yet look like Jamaica.

Little Lost Android

I went to Gold Fork Hot Springs with my daughter and son-in-law yesterday and had a lovely time--until I realized that my phone apparently slipped out of my pocket in the locker room.  By the time we returned a half hour later, it was nowhere to be found, so I used the lost Android app.  On my wife's phone, the resolution was so poor that it appeared to still be near the hot springs, so I locked it remotely.  Once home, I was able to nail the location down to 44°41'14.5"N 116°02'08.3"W. This is in the middle of the road leading back to ID-55. My guess is that whoever found it realized it was now locked and threw it out the window. (I would gladly have paid $100 for its return.)

I called Valley County Sheriff's Department, giving them the coordinates and suggesting that they might get the thief's prints off the phone. (Looking at the crowd there, I suspect those prints are already on file.) They sent someone out to find it! I received a call back last night but not a voicemail. I am guessing a deputy went there and failed to find it. Even 0.1 second (about 100 feet) is still a pretty big area in the dark.

 So I need to buy a new phone today.  I doubt that I bought insurance; I have never lost a cell phone (until yesterday).  One more aggravation.  Do any of you live near Cascade or Donnelly?

To my surprise, I insured the phone.  I am paying Assurion a $19 deductible, with an identical replacement phone delivered by mail tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

We May Be About to See Justice Kavanaugh's Confirmation Take Effect

A challenge to New York's very restrictive gun control law, which has been denied cert (effectively, the Court is not hearing the appeal) has been "relisted."  What does that mean?
A relist occurs when the Justices consider a petition at private conference but decline to act on it, redistributing it for the following conference. The practice is now an accepted feature of the certiorari process.  “[A]t least one relist is generally viewed as a necessary step on the way to a grant of further review …. A relist remains an effective prerequisite to a grant of certiorari.”  
It may not result in cert, but we have at least some basis for hope.