Friday, September 30, 2016

Today's Family Reading

Robert S. Woodbury, History of the Milling Machine (1960).  Family Reading, because I read in front of my Sherline CNC mill, so it could bask in the glory of its illustrious ancestors.  What I did not, until reading this, is the milling machine invented, largely by Eli Whitney, was not a vertical mill, but a horizontal mill like this:

This is a highly technical book.  If you aren't pretty familiar with mills, much will be over your head and profoundly dull.  The last chapter is about the most recent development: computer control mills, the size of a room because of the computer.

You could have knocked me over with a feather

I'm beginning to approach university presses about my new book on early American gunsmithing and gun Manufacturing. One of the university presses that I approached said "No," which I rather expected, but the editor indicated that she was familiar with my work, and suggested an editor and press to try.

How Eco-Extremists Reduce Their Carbon Footprint...

And show their contempt for the 1%. 9/29/16 Heat Street:
After attending campaign events in Greenville, the former first daughter took a private jet to Asheville, just a five-hour drive away, to attend a roundtable event on “clean energy.” Asheville is a paradise for hippies who love the environment.
The global warmists really mean "You peasants are living too well.  The fossil fuels are reserved for your betters."

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Headed to New England October 10

My wife has recovered from that flu so away we go!

Word 2010 Problem

No, I'm not still using Word 2010, but my wife is.  The problem is an unexpected blank line between two paragraphs with different styles.  How it looks on screen:

Here are the paragraph forrmatting tabs for the first paragraph:
and for the second paragraph:

Does anyone have any theories as to what is causing that extra spacing after the first paragraph?

UPDATE: 0 pt not auto for after paragraph.  Thanks to my very observant and helpful readers.

Surprising Results From Debate

It appears that many voters thought Trump won.  That mystifies me, but as Instapundit points out:
But I’m reminded of something a consultant once told me: You think those ads for porcelain collector plates are tacky and awful. But the porcelain collector plate people run those ads because they work — with the people who buy porcelain collector plates.
Remember: Trump for many voters is: "I'm mad as hell and I'not going take this anymore." 

Wonder Why Clinton Did So Well?

This article suggests several health-related theories for the box and earpiece she was wearing.  More likely, her handlers were watching the debate and telling her how to respond to Trump.