Tuesday, August 22, 2017

If You Are Local

This shipping tube is a bit over 6' long and 6" diameter.   I ordered up some steel tubing.   I only needed 5' length,  but I saw 57" and I stupidly thought,  "That is just slightly shorter than 6'." 

Anyway, I hate to throw away this very sturdy shipping container.  If no one is interested, I will put it on Craigslist.

Checklist for Next Total Solar Eclipse

1. Make sure that I can identify the ND1000 and ND2 settings on the filter.  (Serious internal reflections on some images.)

2. Have the Canon Powershot out for the corona.  I took no effective corona pictures because of #1.  An unfiltered camera is the right solutin.

Any Quick Way to Remove Internal Reflections With GIMP?

Just starting to get eaten.

Using Color Picker and Clone isn't quick:

Chromatic aberration was a problem that required monochroming them.  A few pictures came out unaccountably blue.

How Dark Was It At Totality?

Picture taken by my department chair of me photographing the corona.

A Recent Customer Sent This Picture of His Meade LX200 in Use Yesterday

Monday, August 21, 2017


Shadow bands,  Bailey's beads, diamond ring effect, falling temperatures. Pictures tomorrow.  I had the 5" refractor set up with solar filter.  You could see the unevenness of the Moon's edge, which causes Baily's Beads.  Venus was oppressively bright at the zenith.  Alas, I did not remove the ND filter in time to get the corona.

Was the Eclipse Moved to a Racially More Diverse Path?

No unusual traffic on D-55 at this hour.