Monday, July 16, 2018

E/R Enema at 2:00 AM is Never a Good Idea

The second phase of constipation was bad enough for me to drive to the E/R last night.  I was concerned that they might regard this as not a real "emergency."  The intake nurse had spent nine awful days after a tonsillectomy, so they took it seriously.  After an X-ray to rule out bowel obstruction they gave me what I hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which loosened the logjam enough to reduce my pain and nausea enough to go home and sleep badly, a giant improvement over no sleep at all.  They also have a medicine that reverses opoid-induced constipation. 

I am still bloated and uncomfortable with some pain, but I can hear gurgling noises that suggest the factory is beginning to operate again.

If I have not already told you, avoid getting overweight, which is apparently a cause of umbilical hernias.  I spent too many years enjoying food in excess, with very high costs now.  The surgery diet, however, knocked off five pounds but bloat has kept my waist size unchanged.

I'm Sure You All Know About the First Repeating Firearm: the Puckle Gun

 And a 40 shots without reloading double action pistols from the 1870s:

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Pete: I Know You Are a Reader Because of the cute get well card

But I have lost your email address.  Email me, please.

The Defense Distributed Victory

If you have not heard, the federal government has settled out of court with Defense Distributed.  They are allowed to put CAD files for printing firearms on the Internet without running afoul of ITAR (which regulates international trafficking in weapons of war).  Also, they agreed the AR-15 isn't one.  Interesting analysis here of likely results.

The Only Good Thing Right Now

My portfolio is growing like gangbusters.  My IRA shows a 20% gain for the year ending Jun. 2018.  The FOCPX I bought in March is up 26% since then.

That Opoid Constipation Seems to Be Two-Phase

I thought I was past it Friday at noon, but after several successes, I seem to be having troubles again.  It feels like there is a lump in my now bloated belly.  When my wife goes over the rough parts of the driveway in the Jeep, it feels like I am being beaten from the inside.  Suppositories, pineapple spears, tea, stool softeners, whole grain cereal: still waiting.  I asked my daughter how heroin addicts tolerate this just to keep using heroin (which she tells me is a middle class white women's drug in the Boise area), and she said this shows you how serious the addiction is: most live on Ex-Lax and coffee.  (I am trying to think of a cute Starbucks name for that drink.)

You May Be Surprised That I Have Gay Friends and Readers

One tells me on condition of complete anonymity concerning transgenders he has talked to in the Bay Area:
- in general there is a high percentage of autism among the males looking to do this
- he routinely poses a question to these candidates "how do they expect their lives to be different/better after surgery?" and then asks whether their therapist ever asked that question (they routinely say 'no')
- in follow-up conversations with these candidates, many have commented to him that after thinking it over they have decided that the gender reassignment doesn't seem attractive any more
- in Europe where the gender roles are more flexible, gender reassignment  is relatively rare compared to cultures where the gender roles are more tightly proscribed, as in Latin culture
- he suspects that the therapists are unnecessarily promoting gender reassignment
- his intuition is that 90% of the gender reassignments are not necessary
- quite a few folks in the LGBT community agree with him but nobody is willing to get tar'd and feathered by talking about it publicly
I have long made myself outside the realm of respectable conservative bloggers for my skepticism of homosexuality and same-sex marriage (most conservative bloggers have made piece with both, to prove they aren't Christians), but homosexuality is positively healthy compared to have your genitals cut off and refashioned into a vagina substitute (for biomen) and the inverses for biowomen.  But I am not surprised that the lack of honest discussion in the LGBT community makes this a political suicide act.