Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I Have Plugged in My Bluetooth Keyboard For the Phone

Not quite as pleasant as using my laptop, but easier than using my fat fingers to type on the tiny virtual keyboard on the Samsung screen.  The kitchen outlets are powered by the backup generator.  Idaho Power is saying that we should have power by 9:30.  I was putting together a mid-term online in Blackboard for my class.  I may run an extension cord to my treadmill for a while then run it to the office.

No Power

Idaho Power is not at the moment.  These are the times when backup power sounds more and more attractive.  The backup generator is keeping the well pump, preasurization pump,   and kitchen operational, but 6Kw is not enough to feed all circuits. I could run an extension cord from kitchen to office but I am hoping they figure it or sooner. There is a solar panel at work in the telescope garage, but the inverter is not a sine wave output, so not worth moving it. Unlike most of the outages we have had, this is daylit, so the PV system I blogged about a few days ago would be helpful even without battery backup. That is on my last of things to pursue shortly, perhaps after I start getting paychecks from the college.  I have exhausted my NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund grant,  so some more income is most convenient. 

Do not feel sorry for me.   My IRA had grown so fast that I am going to increase how much I take out each month.  As I explain in my "Becoming Wealthy" page, properly invested, your IRA or 401k can grow faster in retirement than you need to support an extravagant lifestyle.

Wolf Spiders

Ugly and big.  I killed one in the kitchen yesterday that I named Shelob after the 8-legged creature in Lord of the Rings.

My Inner Geek is Coming Out

Samuel Glasstone, ed., The Effects of Nuclear Weapons, rev. ed.  This is the authoritative edition of how nuclear weapons destroy things.  While full of detailed technical discussions and formulae, many parts are intentionally written for those who have no idea what an "isotope" is.  Why do buildings at ground zero for an airburst sometimes survive better than those a ways back?  The Mach effect, when the blast wave from the bomb and the reflected blast wave bouncing off the ground meet, providing a combine overpressure at the side of buildings.  An overpressure on top of a building is pushing it in the building's strongest position: resisting gravity.

Politics Makes Strange and Evil Bedfellows

Corrupt Russian and Venezuelan officials benefited from the work of the Washington-based firm that also commissioned the largely unsubstantiated anti-Trump campaign research dossier, according to testimony from a leading South American human rights campaigner submitted to a congressional panel probing the 2016 Russian election-meddling scandal.
Thor Halvorssen, head of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation, said in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Fusion GPS operated a smear campaign against journalists who threatened to expose a multibillion dollar fraud involving faulty South American electric power plants, the laundering of its proceeds in U.S. banks, and a kickback scheme to pay off Venezuelan officials.
“Corrupt government officials in dictatorships would be powerless if they didn’t have cronies in the business world, and these cronies, in turn, would be useless allies without enablers like Fusion GPS, who are eager to whitewash and profit from their crimes,” Mr. Halvorssen wrote in testimony that he also published on Facebook.
Who else but the Democrats would hire such a firm?

More Trouble Caused By Trump

In what's being called the largest economic development project in state history, Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn plans to build a $10 billion plant in Wisconsin that would create liquid-crystal display panels and employ as many as 13,000 people, according to the White House and Gov. Scott Walker.
The planned Wisconsin plant is expected to open in 2020 and will be part of a 20 million square-foot campus on at least 1,000 acres -- a project Walker's administration has dubbed "Wisconn Valley."
What a tragedy, some Cheeseheads will have to choose between employment and government dependency.

Sleep Apnea: Treadmill Treatment

I have battled sleep apnea for years.  I have started using the Sleep Cycle app to measure how well I sleep.  The score the nights I go to the gym is usually 78%.  I treadmill every other day.  I have worked up to 2.2 miles, mostly at 2.3 mph.  The nights that I treadmill, the scores goes to 100%, and I usually sleep through, with little or no dopiness from the previous evening's Seroquel.  I suspect the improved sleep is burning off the Seroquel.

I wonder if the increased bipolar disorder problems since the stroke is that, even though my day job was sedentary (software engineer), there was still a bit of walking around during the day: to the coffee pot, lunch room, walks during the lunch hour, from parking spot to office.  It doesn't sound like much, but it is more than I was getting until recently.

I am going to start treadmilling one mile the days that I go to the gym as well.