Thursday, May 26, 2016

Email From the Great Beyond

I just received an email purportedly from my late mother.  No, spam impersonating her email.

Alien Gear Holsters

I mentioned a few days ago that I had received Alien Gear's modular holster with exterior shells for both Browning Hi-Power and Colt Mustang.  I posted ny comments about the Hi-Power holster and promised to post about the Mustang holster in a day or two.  When I replaced the Hi-Power shell with the Mustang, I discovered that I had the shell for right-hand carry.  Because of how securely the holster holds the gun, I could have used it with the gun upside down.  (Not recommended, unless you have a hobbit living in your boot to provide low covering fire.)  Alien Gear beamed me down the correct shell today.  (They are an Idaho company.)  Easy mistake to make because you are looking at a mirror image for left/right.  The correct shell having arrived, I tried it on.  All the good things about the Hi-Power holster apply here as well.  Good retention makes a safety strap unneeded.  While it still feels a bit bulky, it conceals under my leather coat just fine, and there is no danger of losing the gun except if falling down a very steep hill.  The matter of putting it on and off a belt is if anything less of a struggle with a smaller pistol in it.

Gender Is An Identity. So Is Species.

5/25/16 Guardian:
t’s easy to laugh at a grown man in a rubber dog suit chewing on a squeaky toy. Maybe too easy, in fact, because to laugh is to dismiss it, denigrate it – ignore the fact that many of us have found comfort and joy in pretending to be animals at some point in our lives.
Secret Life of the Human Pups is a sympathetic look at the world of pup play, a movement that grew out of the BDSM community and has exploded in the last 15 years as the internet made it easier to reach out to likeminded people. While the pup community is a broad church, human pups tend to be male, gay, have an interest in dressing in leather, wear dog-like hoods, enjoy tactile interactions like stomach rubbing or ear tickling, play with toys, eat out of bowls and are often in a relationship with their human “handlers”.
In the documentary, we see Tom, AKA Spot, take part in the Mr Puppy Europecompetition in Antwerp, a mix of beauty pageant, talent show and Crufts; David, AKA Bootbrush, talk to camera in a leather dog mask; two pups walk through London pretending to wee on lampposts to raise awareness of their identity; and lots of men jumping up for “treats”, barking and wagging their mechanical tails.
Some day, after the closet doors have been slammed shut and padlocked the LGBs will recognize that adding the T to the acronym was a bridge too far.

Travelocity's Web Site Seems To Be Overloaded

How do they expect to stay in business?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Oberlin Used to be An Elite Christian College

Students at Oberlin College are asking the school to put academics on the back burner so they can better turn their attention to activism. More than 1,300 students at the Midwestern liberal arts college have now signed a petition asking that the college get rid of any grade below a C for the semester, and some students are requesting alternatives to the standard written midterm examination, such as a conversation with a professor in lieu of an essay.
The students say that between their activism work and their heavy course load, finding success within the usual grading parameters is increasingly difficult. "A lot of us worked alongside community members in Cleveland who were protesting," Megan Bautista, a co-liaison in Oberlin's student government, said, referring to the protests surrounding the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice by a police officer in 2014. "But we needed to organize on campus as well — it wasn't sustainable to keep driving 40 minutes away. A lot of us started suffering academically."

The Trump Campaign and Incipient Fascism

Yup, Trump holds a rally and there is violence.  5/25/16 AP;
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — In one of the presidential campaign year's more grisly spectacles, protesters in New Mexico opposing Donald Trump's candidacy threw burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers, injuring several, and toppled trash cans and barricades.
Police responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades into the crowd outside the Albuquerque Convention Center.
During the rally, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was interrupted repeatedly by protesters, who shouted, held up banners and resisted removal by security officers.

The banners included the messages "Trump is Fascist" and "We've heard enough."

Trump lashed back at protesters, tweeting Wednesday: "The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!"

Revolutionary Era Email?

I am searching for the Test Acts that some states passed disarming those who would not swear an oath of loyalty to the Revolutionary governments.  This was in response to the Continental Congress' request:

That it be recommended to the several assemblies, conventions, and councils or committees of safety of the United Colonies, immediately to cause all persons to be disarmed within their respective colonies, who are notoriously disaffected to the cause of America, or who have not associated, and shall refuse to associate, to defend, by arms, these United Colonies, against the hostile attempts of the British fleets and armies; and to apply the arms taken from such persons in each respective colony, in the first place to the arming the continental troops raised in said colony; in the next, to the arming such troops as are raised by the colony for its own defence, and the residue to be applied to the arming the associators; that the arms when taken be appraised by indifferent persons, and such as are applied to the arming the continental troops, be paid for by Congress, and the residue by the respective assemblies, conventions, or councils, or committees of safety.[1]

[1] Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 (1906), 4:205.

In this brief submitted by two law professors in the DC v. Heller (2008) case:
The right to keep and bear arms was not infringed by laws, such as those in  Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, which banned possession of a firearm by any person who failed to swear a loyalty oath. See Act of Apr. 1, 1778, ch. LXI, 2, 5, 1777-1778 Pa. Laws 123, 126; Act of Mar. 14, 1776, ch. VII, 1775-1776 Mass. Acts 31.
I am still looking for this law in official journals.  That's impressive performance,   A request from the Continental Congress in Philadelphia made it to Massachusetts fast enough for the Massachusetts legislature to pass a law the same day.  I guess Ben Franklin texted the request to Sam Adams,  Or, as usual, the anti-gunners are just sloppy on their scholarship.