Saturday, February 13, 2016

Gun Stores Have to Perform Background Checks

So why are antigunners trying to prevent a gun store from opening?  From 2/10/16 Journal Online:

Cook County Chancery Court Judge Frank Valderrama dismissed a lawsuit yesterday (Tuesday) filed by local anti-gun activists aimed at stopping a proposed Niles gun shop and shooting range from moving forward.
The case was dismissed with prejudice on grounds that the plaintiffs, Skokie-based People For A Safer Society (PFSS), did not have standing to continue the lawsuit. The ruling means PFSS may not file an amended complaint in the Chancery Division of the Cook County court system, but could file an appeal to the state appellate court.
PFSS attorney Anthony Hind said that is exactly what he plans to do on behalf of the activist group.
Meanwhile, developers of the facility, Howard Partners LLC, said they are moving forward with construction. Development was halted after the lawsuit was first filed in October 2014.
Don't like guns?   Don't buy one.  Maybe Congress should pass something equivalent to FACES to protect access to gun stores and ranges?

A Tragedy

I heard school rampage shooting, but it wasn't what we have become used to.  Teenaged lesbian murder-suicide.  No surprise, suicides are 2x-8x more common among gays than straights, and teens are at high risk as well.

For All You Gun Owners That Prefer Voting Democrat

That choice just went away.  Justice Scalia is dead.  Abe Fortas was nominated by LBJ at about the same point in his lame duck Presidency, so Republicans (who are now a majority of the Senate unlike 1968) can certainly prevent Obama from putting any more justices on the Court, if they have the will.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Mohammed Goes On Machete Attack at Nazareth Restaurant

Any guesses why?  From 2/12/16 NBC News:
An Ohio man who slashed four restaurant patrons with a machete and was later killed by police had come to the attention of the FBI four years ago for radical comments, law enforcement officials said.
Agents took a brief look at Mohamed Barry but moved on, the officials said. The officials did not elaborate on the radical comments.

Investigators said Friday it is unknown why Barry, 30, attacked patrons at Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus shortly after 6 p.m. Thursday, or why he struck at that restaurant.

Barry was shot and killed by police at the end of a five-mile chase shortly after the rampage....

Investigators are looking into whether Barry attacked the restaurant in the mistaken belief that owner Hany Baransi was Jewish, sources told NBC News. He is actually an Arab Christian from Haifa, Israel. 
And Trump is crazy for saying to stop bringing in Muslim refugees?

Okay! I'm Ready For the First Ship Off Planet

Whole Foods Market Inc. Co-Chief Executive Officer Walter Robb, seeking to appeal to younger, budget-conscious shoppers, says his company’s new 365 chain is going to try some tactics outside of the conventional grocery-store playbook.

Whole Foods has advertised that it’s looking to find suppliers and vendors to set up shop in its 365 stores through a program called "Friends of 365." The new chain’s website says shoppers may see other businesses, such as body-care product sellers, record shops and tattoo parlors, inside 365 stores and on its outdoor patios.
 I am beginning to find this society unrecognizable and not worth recognizing. 

If White Men Did This, It Would Be Evidence of the Racist System of Oppression

2/10/16 Fox channel 6:
MILWAUKEE -- Was it violence or vigilantism? A teenager accused in an attempted carjacking tried fleeing the scene -- but a group of men had another idea. What happened next has led some to call the suspect a victim.

Witnesses say the teen was severely beaten by the group of men.

A photo of the boy left lying in the snow has gone viral.
The photo has some wondering whether the young man deserved it....

Police say this all began one block away, shortly before 2:00 p.m. when two people tried stealing a vehicle.

The vehicle's owner caught them -- and one suspect took off in a getaway car, while the other ran down the street.

"They started tugging on his jacket, shoes and pants," the witness said.

The 15-year-old boy was stopped by a group of men.

"As he was laying there practically naked, they still kept beating him and laughing at him," the witness said.

The group of men left the teen disoriented, laying in the snow.
Don't try a carjacking in a bad neigborhood and you don't have to worry about your "soul brothers" roughing you up.

Never Understood Who Buys Cosmopolitan

It always struck me as a hangover from the 1960s, when Helen Gurley Brown (author of Sex and the Single Girl was editor, and single women having sex was a pretty transgressive activity.  PJMedia talks about how they are selling their soul to Bloomberg to make gun control a focus instead of "30 sexy positions to try with your one-night stand."
Trash magazine Cosmopolitan announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety (I'm not going to link it) to push a gun control agenda.

The magazine will run a propaganda piece in the March issue called "Singled Out," warning single women they may be dating a man who is a firearms owner. And he may become "disgruntled."

The comments at Instapundit are riotous:
I think Cosmo's readership is mostly middle-aged women who clutch the pages between nicotine-stained fingers while on break from their jobs checking out groceries, relying on the "sex tips" and other fluffery to fantasize about a better life; one where they are (still) sexy, desired and looking forward to something better than their current, dim romantic prospects can provide.

I don't mean that as a joke; I think that really is who reads Cosmo. I've never seen a woman under 40 even talk about it.
Maybe mostly, but I've been on the receiving end of some of Cosmo's sex tips (from a young woman) and let's just say the writers are apparently sexless middle-aged women, too. Whoever they are, they hate men with a passion.
The best place to advance any agenda is in a magazine read exclusively by 25-year-old girls with Borderline Personality Disorder. (And yes, I did mean "girls.")