Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Weirdest Phone I've Ever Seen

A phone that is a very good replica of an M1911.  See RJ11 jack in magazine picture.

Yesterday's Amazon Dropping

We are about to get a dog,  but only a puppy so we will not need this for a while.

I Can See Global Warming From My House

I blogged in November of 2015 about an earlier than expected snow on our surrounding mountains.  This is more than a month earlier.  Better order those snow tires and mammoth recipes soon.

President Threatens War With North Korea

No, not Trump, starting at 2:35 in:

Where Progressives Are Going

It appears her master's is in Africana Studies from Morgan State University.

Why Rising Temperatures Precede Carbon Dioxide Increases

I can't sleep. It has been observed that over tens of thousands of years, CO2 concentrations sometimes follow temperature increases:

Why? Solubility of gases declines as water temperature increases. Rising ocean temperatures would drive dissolved CO2 into the air.

Hollywood's Enthusiasm for the Confederacy

9/19/17 National Review article by Victor Davis Hanson about how Hollywood was unabashedly pro-Confederate as part of its anti-Vietnam War stance.