Friday, October 28, 2016

Nice Email

The Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog often gets either spam comments or people who want the death of a felonious loved one to disappear (no way: your crimes will outlive you) and more rarely good guys who are afraid of the negative publicity for being a good guy with a gun.

Today, I received email from a civilian defender thanking me for publicizing his pizza self-defense.


Eskyman said...

Clayton, that's just cruel! I went to your Civilian Self-Defense Blog but couldn't find the story of the "pizza self-defense."

I've just got to know, what caliber pizza was it? Did it have "the thing that goes up" so it's an assault-pizza? Did it have a high capacity box magazine of pepperoni? Somehow this whole thing sounds pretty cheesy, but there could be anchovies involved.

Please put in a link to these intriguing stories!

Gladorn said...

Obviously it was a pizza with anchovies, those things are dangerous.

Or it could have been one of those "California Compliant" pizzas. You know, the one's that have broccoli or brussel sprouts on them. The concept is that they are "better" but in reality are just extremely unappetizing to anyone outside of the state.