Thursday, October 27, 2016

Doing Something Right

Getting 2000-3400 pageviews per day.  That adds up to enough to pay for my ISP, I think.  Even more amazing: almost 3.5 million pageviews since I rebooted the blog several years ago, after the RightHaven fraud attack.


DOuglas2 said...

I read "enough to pay for my ISP" and thought to myself "there are ads on this site?"

Then I remembered Ad Block Pro. I've now disabled that for my visits to your site.

With some sites I use regularly there was a phase where I could take a coffee break any time I clicked on a link, because page took forever to load on account of the @#$%^ ads that took so long to load. ABP "unbroke" the internet for me on that day, and I don't think about it much.

DryCreekHistory said...

What DOuglas2 said. I'm whitelisting you too.

Will said...

Hmm. My Ad Block Plus is not active. I've ok'd everything for your page on NoScript. Reloaded the page. Still nothing shows up. What else might I be overlooking?

BTW, the Freak and Immorality post bodies are offset, and overlay the right side column. About 10-12 characters offset. I've been seeing this problem on your site for a while, now. Month or so, maybe?

Clayton Cramer said...

A quirk of the New York Times HTML. Should be fixed now.