Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ordinarily the National Enquirer is Not Considered a Very Reputable News Source

Hillary’s former bagman finally confessed to The ENQUIRER just how he helped her to cover up her affair with married lover VinceFoster, too!
The shadowy figure — who provided PROOF of his employment for the Clintons — also revealed 12 fixes he covered-up, including:
+ How Hillary secretly plotted to a counter-attack on Bill’s mistress Monica Lewinsky — via a document buried for two decades!
Red, not all caps.  Of course, Democrats love evil.
Moore touches on all of the anti Hillary arguments including the suicide of Vince Foster. “I hope she did kill Vince Foster,” he jokes. “That’s badass.”  

Of course, much of the population that Clinton needs to vote, poorly paid, poorly educated white women with husbands or ex-husbands like Bill, read the National Enquirer.


Jim said...

I won't argue the National Enquirer's journalistic credentials (it is a very low bar and getting lower), but I would remind everyone that the National Enquirer broke the John Edwards story and got it exactly right, as I remember, as well Jesse Jackson's love child and other high profile stories. I also remember that it broke some pretty influential stories during the Clinton Regime. So I'm not prepared to be that dismissive in every case.

The surprising thing to me is that I thought I remember that there was a Clinton connection to the National Enquirer back in days Clinton was president. It's been too long to find a reference from then, but that is my memory. If I remember correctly, then it is strange that this story would come out.

Rich Rostrom said...

The Enquirer used to have a reputation for accuracy. The other supermarket tabloids (the Globe, Star, Sphere, Examiner) would just make up stuff for shock headlines.

The Enquirer didn't - its stories were strictly factual. This meant that it was very dependent on celebrity fluff, and that its headlines exaggerated the significance of the story. E.g. "Jock Macho Gay Sex Scandal" would actually be about Jock Macho's personal trainer, or former agent, or ex-girlfriend's stepbrother.

The Enquirer, as noted above, broke some important real news.

But this year, the Enquirer went all-in for Trump, and began running dubious stories pushed by him and his crew, such as the allegations about Ted Cruz's father.