Monday, October 17, 2016

Not Interested in Reading 19th Century Cursive?

The  images at are either pages out of a letter book (page number in upper right corner) or letters.  If someone wants to help with this project with a tiny investment of time, please go through those images and identify which file names are letterbook and the page number or letter and give me date MM-DD-YYYY and something identifying to whom the letter is addressed.  As an example is p. 139.  You will need a decent Internet connection--these are big files.

Never mind:
DIR IMG_*.jpg >imagelist.csv
Used emacs to strip it down to file names
Loaded it into Excel
Now moving forward one file at a time in IrfanView, updating the spreadsheet.  Another reason for two monitors on the desk.

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Miguel GFZ said...

I am using a graphic freeware called PhotoScape. I am setting the pictures to grayscale and it improves the reading a lot, specially with a bit of Sharpening.

And yes to two monitors.. or a really big one with split screen