Thursday, September 17, 2020

Need an Article Idea

AFF's editor is pinging me for article ideas.  I have been a bit busy, so I cannot immediately think of an article to write.  It needs to be something that is relevant to current gun rights public policy

When In Doubt, Lie

 9/16/20 Fox channel 17:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — The coronavirus cases on lower Broadway may have been so low that the mayor’s office and the Metro Health Department decided to keep it secret.

Emails between the mayor’s senior advisor and the health department reveal only a partial picture. But what they reveal is disturbing.

The discussion involves the low number of coronavirus cases emerging from bars and restaurants and how to handle that.

And most disturbingly, how to keep it from the public.

If bars and restaurants are not mass spreaders, why are churches?

Twitter: For Whom Do They Work?

 Yesterday, I pointed to a tweet about making caltrops from stolen rebar, which Twitter left up.  9/16/20 New York Post:

Twitter has suspended the account of a Chinese virologist who has claimed that COVID-19 was manufactured in a laboratory.

Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a former researcher at the Hong Kong School of Public Health, went dark on the platform after she accused China of covering up evidence that the deadly virus came from a lab in Wuhan.

“They don’t want the people to know this truth. Also, that’s why I got suspended, I got suppression [and] I am the target that China Communist Part wants to [sic] disappear,” she told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Twitter: The Pro-Violence Social Media Company

A Tweet that tells how to make caltrops from "free rebar from construction sites."  If I were a twit, I would ask him where he lives so someone can come get his "free" computer or phone.  Any bets on whether he calls the police?  (The purpose of caltrops is to puncture tires.  Someone should put some in front of his bike.)

So there's the care and mutual aid.  These Democrats won't be happy until they have provoke a civil war.

Made in USA

 I ordered some cutting fluid for tapping aluminum yesterday and it arrived today.  The brand name is Tapmatic, a company here in Idaho, that makes a really neat reversing tapping head.  I guess that I should not be surprised that their cutting fluid is made here.  Amazon sometimes does sell non-Chinese stuff.

An Elite Preparing for Seppuku (If They Are Lucky)

 9/8/20 San Francisco Chronicle:

Wine language is so often absurd that it’s a punchline. Notes of smoldering tobacco or forest underbrush or underripe Jonagold apple — it sounds almost farcical in its specificity. Even worse is when the descriptor is inedible. How many people have actually tasted a wet river stone, anyway?

But now, it’s becoming clearer than ever that the conventional language used to describe wine isn’t merely intimidating and opaque. It’s also inextricable from racism and sexism, excluding dimensions of flavor that are unfamiliar to the white, Western cultures that dominate the world of fine wine and reinforcing retrograde notions of gender.

For those who think a white majority is a bulwark against the loss of Western Civilization, how much more WASPy can you get than being the newspaper's wine writer?

The Most Distressing Article of a Very Bad Year

 10/20 First Things:

Between 1900 and 1917, waves of unprecedented terror struck Russia. Several parties professing incompatible ideologies competed (and cooperated) in causing havoc. Between 1905 and 1907, nearly 4,500 government officials and about as many private individuals were killed or injured. Between 1908 and 1910, authorities recorded 19,957 terrorist acts and revolutionary robberies, doubtless omitting many from remote areas. As the foremost historian of Russian terrorism, Anna Geifman, observes, “Robbery, extortion, and murder became more common than traffic accidents.”

Anyone wearing a uniform was a candidate for a bullet to the head or sulfuric acid to the face. Country estates were burnt down (“rural illuminations”) and businesses were extorted or blown up. Bombs were tossed at random into railroad carriages, restaurants, and theaters. Far from regretting the death and maiming of innocent bystanders, terrorists boasted of killing as many as possible, either because the victims were likely bourgeois or because any murder helped bring down the old order. A group of anarcho-­communists threw bombs laced with nails into a café bustling with two hundred customers in order “to see how the foul bourgeois will squirm in death agony.”

Instead of the pendulum’s swinging back—a metaphor of inevitability that excuses people from taking a stand—the killing grew and grew, both in numbers and in cruelty. Sadism replaced simple killing. As Geifman explains, “The need to inflict pain was transformed from an abnormal irrational compulsion experienced only by unbalanced personalities into a formally verbalized obligation for all committed revolutionaries.” One group threw “traitors” into vats of boiling water. Others were still more inventive. Women torturers were especially admired.

How did educated, liberal society respond to such terrorism? What was the position of the Constitutional Democratic (Kadet) Party and its deputies in the Duma (the parliament set up in 1905)? Though Kadets advocated democratic, constitutional procedures, and did not themselves engage in ­terrorism, they aided the terrorists in any way they could. Kadets collected money for terrorists, turned their homes into safe houses, and called for total amnesty for arrested terrorists who pledged to continue the mayhem. Kadet Party central committee member N. N. Shchepkin declared that the party did not regard terrorists as criminals at all, but as saints and martyrs. The official Kadet paper, Herald of the Party of People’s Freedom, never published an article condemning political assassination. The party leader, Paul Milyukov, declared that “all means are now legitimate . . . and all means should be tried.” When asked to condemn terrorism, another liberal leader in the Duma, Ivan Petrunkevich, famously replied: “Condemn terror? That would be the moral death of the party!”

Arsonist Caught on Video in Oregon?

 9/15/20 Right Scoop has a video of a woman with a gun confronting a young man on her property in rural Oregon holding matches.  From Instapundit.  Considering that chainsaw I blogged about a couple days ago, it will be interesting to see if this guy was arrested in Portland riots.

There is No Reason to Assume Racial Intent

 8/24/20 Berkeleyside:

The Alameda County district attorney’s office filed felony charges Monday against 60-year-old Berkeley resident Tony Walker in the June killing of 19-year-old Cal student Seth Smith.

But as Instapundit points out:


Task Priority Under Windows?

 When VideoStudio is rendering a video, it gobbles up resources like mad and other applications become non-responsive.  Does anyone know if Windows 10 has a way to set application priority to reduce the CPU time an application uses?  I confess to being a bit spoiled; the first multitasking system on which I worked had a fairly interesting system of setting task priority on a terminal-by-terminal basis.  It was quite fun for messing with Mr. Winkenhower's junior high computer class; you just went into the Terminal Control Block (which alas, I remember started at 0528H in memory, with 18H bytes per terminal) and change the priority value.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Interesting Reminders of the Democratic Party's Race Obsession


Part of the same political card:

Hard to tell from today's Democratic Party except now they pretend to like black people.

This is Supposedly a Reconstruction Era Campaign Poster

 I am looking for a source a bit more certain as to its authenticity than Reddit.

Not that this is atypical of the Democratic Party of the time.  This one I found at the Library of Congress.

I can find the first one at commons.Wikimedia where it claims to be 1869, Democratic Party author.

Is Some of the Burning Intentional?

8/17/20 KIRO reports that some power poles have been toppled by someone with a chainsaw,  and others show evidence of attempts. 

This is a very serious matter; toppled lines both start fires and electrocute those who do not see them. 

Why is this not getting attention? Are the perpetrators known, and therefore the lamestream national media are ignoring it?

Monday, September 14, 2020

What is With the Stock Market?

This is my own slightly more than amateur opinion (although my portfolio gained $15K today!)

The overall direction of the market has been up for several months now,  with occasional stomach turning drops.  What is going on?

The people who manage mutual funds with many hundreds of billions of dollars collectively have decided that Trump is going to splatter Slow Joe Adams likely being a lot odd Republicans with him into Congress.  The first couple years of the Trump Presidency will repeat with a rapidly growing economy, so they are buying on the expectation of a post- election boom. 

The periodic busts agree because a lot of stock trading is actually algorithmic trading: Programs that look for certain levels of individual stock prices and general market and index levels.   Back in the 1990s, after my employer was bought by DSC, I kept a spreadsheet on the window of my office showing the daily transaction data Ann's graphs of the DSC stock price.   There was a deformed, irregular sine wave caused by this algorithmic trading.  The stock varied between about $4 and$49 per share during the period I was exercising my stock options. At the same time, I was using my very half-baked guesses about how these algorithms worked to buy and sell.  Each transaction was not hugely profitable; I was only buying or selling 500 or 1000 shares daily,  but I did get a pretty good feel for how the DSC stock responded to the algorithmic trading.   I finally stopped because I was paying short-term capital gain tax on the profit.  A $3000 profit meant less than $2000 net taxes and not every transaction made a profit.   The risks involved for a person not a millionaire just did not make sense.   But if you read Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities, you will recognize why it was stroking my sense of being He-Man Master of Rohnert Park (or at least, my block).

In any case,  it appears big money managers are expecting a Trump  victory.  You do not get to the point of managing billions by making careless decisions (except letting your wife find out about your mistress).

Part of why I do not think this is a leftist billionaire (are there many who are not?) Pump and dump is that the risk of getting burnt if anyone figured out that the dump was about to happen.  Also, mutual fund managers would buy the temporary bargains up and crush the dump part.

Great Automated Advertising Buys

Back when I would occasionally blog about anything peripherally related to LGBTQABCDEDGH matters, I would get automatically generated gay dating sites ads.  Easily the biggest waste of advertising EVER.  And yes, I know I have some open-minded,  not fascist gay readers.   But I just went to a YouTube video of a Trump rally in Boise, and the ad was for the Biden campaign.   An even bigger waste of advertising money!

Can You Find The Article From Which This Graph Came?

This page contains a very good New York Times article about the centuries old drought history of California, and this graph:

Now there is a source, but after the Bellesiles matter, I like to look things up and verify the source.  I cannot find a article by E.R. Cook that contains such a graph, although I have found many articles by Cook about North American historical drought.  Can you find it?

Thanks!  Here. E.R. Cook. et al., "North American drought: Reconstructions, causes, and consequences," Earth-Science Reviews, Volume 81, Issues 1–2, March 2007, Pages 93-134

My librarian downloaded the full article.

The original graph, obviously modified a bit.

The essential fact is unchanged; western North America is ahistorically wet; droughts coincide with the Medieval Warm Period.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

What Trump Really Said

 He did not say to vote twice.  9/5/20 CNN:

In a North Carolina "telerally" Friday night, which was later posted on Facebook, Trump spent the first few minutes of the call explaining in detail how he wanted his voters to vote. If they vote by mail, they should go to their polling place anyway to "see whether or not your mail-in vote has been tabulated or counted," Trump said, noting that if it's been counted, they won't be able to vote.

This Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Trader Joe's (D-urban) Customers

 BLM took over a Trader Joe's to complain about lack of access to grocery stores and capitalism.  the picture shows exactly the sort of customers that I would expect there.  Not every Trader Joe's customer is a raging Democrat; I have even shopped there before.  But if this takes off, a lot of Biden voters may be reduced to shopping at Wal-Mart!

The COVID-19 Crisis Will End on Election Day

 9/11/20 Fox News:

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer was recorded saying the country's largest county would not reopen its schools until "after the election."

“We don’t realistically anticipate that we would be moving to either tier 2 or to reopening K-12 schools at least until after the election, in early November,” Ferrer said in a conference call with school administrators and medical staff, a recording of which was played on KFI's "John and Ken Show."

Where BLM's Hate Mongering Leads

 Unprovoked attack on two LA Sheriff's Deputies in Compton.  And then they tried to enter the hospital to "visit" the officers.

P.J. O'Rourke Has Always Been One of My Favorite Writers

 He manages to combine a lot of wit with important ideas.  9/12/20 New York Post explaining why young people support socialism:

As soon as children discover that the world isn’t nice, they want to make it nicer. And wouldn’t a world where everybody shares everything be nice? Aw … kids are so tender-hearted.

But kids are broke — so they want to make the world nicer with your money. And kids don’t have much control over things — so they want to make the world nicer through your effort. And kids are very busy being young — so it’s your time that has to be spent making the world nicer.

For them. The greedy little bastards. Kids were thinking these exact same sweet-young-thing thoughts back in the 1960s, during my salad days (tossed green sensimilla buds). Young people probably have been thinking these same thoughts since the concept of being a “young person” was invented.

That would have been in the 19th century — during America’s first “Progressive Era” — when mechanization liberated kids from onerous farm chores and child labor laws let them escape from child labor.

This gave young people the leisure to sit around noticing that the world isn’t nice and daydreaming about how it could be made nicer with the time, effort and money of grown-ups.

I’m all for sending them back to the factories or, at least, the barn. If I hear any socialist noise from my kids I’m going to make them get up at 4 a.m. to milk the cows. And this will be an extra-onerous farm chore because we don’t have any cows, and they’ll have to search for miles all over the countryside to find some.

They’ve got it coming. Young people are not only penniless and powerless, they’re also ignorant as hell. They think of wealth as something that’s limited, like the number of Hostess Ding Dongs on the 7-Eleven shelf. They think rich people got to the 7-Eleven first and gobbled all the Ding Dongs, leaving poor people to lick the plastic wrappers.

Young people don’t know that more Ding Dongs can be produced. They don’t know how or why more Ding Dong production is possible. And they certainly don’t know how to get the cream filling inside....

Young people believe that the way to obtain more wealth is to take it away from rich people.

You can’t do it. Well, you can do it. But you can only do it once.

You can take the Ding Dongs from the Hostess factory for free, but once you’ve eaten them you can’t go back to the Hostess factory and take more Ding Dongs for free. The Hostess factory is out of business. (Which may protect our health, reduce environmental pollution, and preserve various species of animals such as the high fructose corn weevil, which, for all I know, is endangered. Although, considering that Pew Research claims even more millennials [69 percent] favor cannabis legalization than favor socialism, somebody’s going to be sorry when they get the munchies. But I digress again.)



Saturday, September 12, 2020

How to Make Lefties Hate the Nobel Peace Prize

Great article in The Atlantic about why the Nobel Peace Prize should stop being awarded because two different Scandinavian parliamentarians have nominated Trump.  The list of things Trump has done, by the writer's own admission,  qualify him for the Prize.  Therefore the Prize is a bad thing.

When will Trump Derangement Syndrome end?

Too Much Fun

 8/23/20 San Jose Mercury News article about California and national government agreeing to thin the forests to reduce further disasters.  One left comment was so delicious that I could not resist:

Trump's "rake the forest"

Omg! It always amazes me how Trump's diciples desperately try to find anything meaningful coming from his lips (or tweets).


Did your Führer have any federal forests raked???

My response:

The National Socialists were very concerned about forests, (" it depicted the forest sheltering ancient Aryan Germans, Arminius, and the Teutonic Knights, facing the peasants wars, being chopped up by war and industry, " and they had some outgrowth from the Wandervogel movement. "This might be the reason why one can find significant members of the Youth Movement on both sides, among the Nazis and among the Widerstand."

The National Socialists also did their part to reduce overpopulation, especially among groups the Democratic Party has now demonized.


For Self-Identification Purposes Only (Yes, I Am Making Fun of What Used to be on Social Security Cards)

 9/1020/ PostMillenial:

Hat tip: Small Dead Animals.  Kate is always good for a taste of sanity in an insane world.

"The Valley of the Masters"

Another great story!  Imagine a place where technological man had created a utopia: houses have water,  light,  and heat;  huge heaters protect the fruits from frost damage; all crops are harvested by machines and appear,  as if by magic, in food bins in the houses. 

Now imagine people who live in this Eden who have lost memory of the builders, convinced the Old Ones were giants who made this Eden by magic.  But the machines are beginning to break down; the magic is going away.  One man who had become an outcast because they believe him a witch (for no apparent reason),  climbs to the House of the Old Ones (hydroelectric plant) and returns to tell the superstitious that the Old Ones were humans like them, who used machines to make their worlds. 

A frightful analogy to what the enemies of science and objective truth (2+2=5) may yet achieve in their endless assault on Western Civilization under the banner of intersectionality, racism aimed at the "right" groups, and denial of objective reality (an outgrowth of white culture,  in their ignorant little minds).

Civil War is Coming

The only question is whether before or after they start loading us into boxcars to ship to central Nevada.  9/3/20 WJAR:

(WJAR) — A mural painted nearly 70 years ago at the University of Rhode Island is set to be taken down after staff said students complained about a lack of diversity in the picture.

1954 was the dedication of “The Memorial Union” at the University of Rhode Island.

When veterans returned from World War II and enrolled at URI, they and other community members raised money in memory of those who lost their lives in the war....

The murals depict servicemen returning to Kingston, a class reunion, URI commencement, a South County beach scene, and students piled into a jalopy wearing letter sweaters....

“It really depicts a snapshot in time of the university’s history, important history, showing a person returning back to campus from World War II and other historical moments,” said Vice President of Student Affairs, Kathy Collins. “We’ve made a really difficult decision as we aim for the university’s future and we think about who are our students today, and who are our students going to be tomorrow.”

Collins said she’s been working for URI for the last four years and has received complaints from students.

“I have received complaints about the murals that portray a very homogeneous population predominately the persons painted and depicted on the wall are predominantly white and that does not represent who our institution is today,” said Collins. “Some of our students have even shared with us they didn’t feel comfortable sitting in that space.”

Wait until they take an Art History class, or a science class.  Heads will explode.  Or even worse, share a classroom or drinking fountain with one of us white devils.


So Ridiculous That Only a Prestige University Could Do It

 9/11/20 The College Fix:

The University of Southern California is reeling after removing a business communication professor from the classroom for his pronunciation of a Chinese “filler” word that can sound like “nigger.”

More than 100 of Greg Patton’s former students, most of them Chinese by ethnicity or nationality, accused administrators of “casting insult toward the Chinese language” and compared their action against Patton to Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in China.

They demanded the punishment of whoever filed the racial discrimination complaint against him in a Sept. 1 letter.

The filler word transliterates as nei ge.  This is even worse than the ignorant sorts who freak out over the word "niggardly."  1/28/99 AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) _ David Howard could have used the word ``miserly″ to describe how he administered a Washington, D.C., government fund. Instead, he chose ``niggardly,″ and it cost him his job.

``Niggardly″ means Scrooge-like. But it sounds a lot like a racial slur, and a few of Howard’s colleagues took offense.

Mayor Anthony Williams, who is black, accepted the resignation of Howard, who is white, saying initially that his aide showed poor judgment even though he ``didn’t say anything that was in itself racist.″

The only better example of bowing to ignorance was when a Dallas County official used the term "black hole" to refer to the traffic ticket collection office.  A black county commissioner showed how ignorant he is by seeing this as a racial insult, not a reference to the astronomical object (which clearly needs renaming).

There seem to be an awful lot of very ignorant and easily offended people who lack enough knowledge to play in public.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Meteorites (1998)

On YouTube.  No link because it is so bad it deserves an anti-lock.
First gripe: it is only a meteorite after it hits. Meteors are dangerous; meteorites are nice ways to make some money.  Some people actually hunt for them in deserts.
The opening sequence with a comet ripping through Saturn's rings, throwing a storm of meteors our direction is absurd.  Nothing in the rings or a comet is big enough to do more than produce a shooting star.  This steady string of meteors hitting the ground and killing people is statistically implausible. 
There were a couple subplots that might have been interesting if not as cliches as they seem: traumatized EOD guy called 
to help explain the explosions; teen couple madly in lust; mayor turns to insurance fraud to pay off debts. But so many technical flaws it was not worth finishing. 

Remember When Reagan's Speech Mistakes Were Signs That He Was Stupid or Too Old?

 9/10/20 New York Post:

Joe Biden fumbled the number of military members that died from the coronavirus during a campaign stop in Michigan on Wednesday.

The Democratic presidential candidate was in Warren, Mich. when he misspoke and said that over 6,000 U.S. military members have died from Covid-19.

The Biden campaign told Fox News that the former vice president cited the number of confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 in Michigan as being the numbers for the military, saying the armed forces had seen 118,984 cases and 6,114 deaths....

In June, Biden incorrectly said 120 million people in the country had died from the coronavirus. At the time the number was about 120,000.

The Trump campaign had used that slip-up as evidence that the Democratic candidate was “confused” and “not playing with a full deck.”

 Gee, if you knew that there are 320 million Americans, you would not make that mistake.  No wonder the Democrats, the innumeracy party, is behaving like COVID-19 is a Black Death level of problem.

I Think It Would Be Just Hilarious If Biden Miraclously Won...

 and Trump received the Nobel Peace Prize.  9/11/20 New York Post:

WASHINGTON — President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a second time this week — this time for brokering a historic peace deal between Serbia and breakaway republic Kosovo.

In a Friday morning tweet, Magnus Jacobsson, a member of the Swedish Parliament, announced he was nominating the Trump administration and the two European nations for their “joint work for peace and economic development, through the cooperation agreement signed in the White House.”

You will recall Obama won the 2009 Peace Prize after only a few months in office and according to Nobel officials it was a mistake.  9/17/15 BBC:

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama in 2009 failed to achieve what the committee hoped it would, its ex-secretary has said.

Geir Lundestad told the AP news agency that the committee hoped the award would strengthen Mr Obama.

Instead, the decision was met with criticism in the US. Many argued he had not had any impact worthy of the award.

Mr Lundestad, writing in his memoir, Secretary of Peace, said even Mr Obama himself had been surprised.

"No Nobel Peace Prize ever elicited more attention than the 2009 prize to Barack Obama," Mr Lundestad writes.

"Even many of Obama's supporters believed that the prize was a mistake," he says. "In that sense the committee didn't achieve what it had hoped for".

Obama was an Affirmative Action Nobel Laureate, as near as I can tell.



California Goes Full Fascist

9/10/20 Los Angeles Daily News:

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Thursday, Sept. 10, granted the county’s request for an injunction prohibiting Grace Community Church in Sun Valley from holding indoor services in a ruling that emphasized the importance of following health orders to prevent the community spread of the coronavirus.

After hearing arguments Friday from attorneys for the county and the church, Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled that Grace Community Church and its pastor, John MacArthur, are prohibited from conducting indoor worship services in violation of county health orders. The judge also ruled that the church must not conduct any outdoor worship services unless it fully complies with the county’s mandates relating to physical distancing and face coverings.

Whether this is wise or not is a separate issue, but "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" and the 14th Amendment imposes that limitations on state and local governments.  The abolitionists who helped runaway slaves were similarly putting the laws of God over the laws of men.  Again, a Republicans (abolitionists) vs.  Democrats (the slave owners).

My church has indoor services and an outdoor service under the trees.  We sit outside, even I though I think the risk is low inside where people are wearing masks.

I look forward to the video of mass arrests on Sunday.  A great Trump ad.  "What the Democratic Party does." And as usual, the Democrats are so insular that they do not see how this will play among moderate and conservative Christian Democrats (they do exist although I have no idea why).

Never Forget This Horrifying Picture and "Some People Did Something" on 9/11


Thursday, September 10, 2020

Android Voice Calling Request for Help

 When I had Best Buy install a Bluetooth enabled Pioneer stereo in my wife's car we could push a button on the face and she could say Call <name in her phonebook> and it called.  In the last year or so, it only recognizes a couple of names.  Otherwise she has to dial by hand--neither safe nor legal in Idaho.  I know the voice recognition is part of the phone, not the stereo.  Neither Best Buy nor Verizon has a clue.  Does an Android phone require retraining of the voice?

I wish that I could tell you why,  but deleting all the Bluetooth pairing data and re-pairing both phones solved it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Managing Wealth

Let's say your portfolio has been doing well, providing a healthy income while continuing to grow in value,  but you need a larger lump of cash for a one-time unusual project (such as building a workshop/observatory).  

Do not just take the money distributed across all your mutual funds like you do for your monthly income.  

Look for a mutual funds that has underperformed the rest.   When you sell shares from it, the capital gains you will pay taxes on will be less than selling shares in all your mutual funds.   At tax time, you will pay much less income tax.

In my case, FLSPX had only grown 62% over the six last years, so it is the dog.  When it comes time to replace the Jaguar with a Corvette convertible, part of this dog will die. (I am glad my Springer spaniels do not read my blog. )

One of the More Interesting Sci-Fi Stories I Have Read

"Tybalt" by Stephen Barr.  Cross time travel with species change, Norman England, and a bit of then contemporary Blackboard Jungle (or at least the principal thinks so).  It is utterly unexpected,  unpredictable,  and charming.

Congratulations Democrats

Your yammering in your pet media has managed to provoke two racially motivated murders.  8/27/20 WRBL reports a man being held for murder said watching video of police alleged abuse of power meant that "he felt the need to kill a white man."  That oppressor, picked at random, survived.   His white cellmate according to 9/8/20 DailyWire was not so lucky.  

Why does any jail still double cell?  I thought that was part of the point of the Prison Rape Eradication Act.  I had to write code as part of implementing PREA for Idaho Dept. Of Corrections. 

Try Not to Go Into Shock: N.Y. Times Op-Ed Piece Calling Out Democrats on Their Support for Rich People

 9/7/20 New York Times:

The election is a referendum not only on the moral failings of President Trump, Democrats argue, but on the economic fissures of the new economy. It is a fight, Mr. Biden says, on behalf of “the young people who have known only an America of rising inequity and shrinking opportunity.”

Why on earth, then, are Democrats fighting — and fighting hard — for a $137 billion tax cut for the richest Americans? Mr. Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer don’t agree on everything, but on this specific issue they speak with one voice: the $10,000 cap on deductions for state and local tax (better known as the SALT deduction) must go.

I cannot think of a better example of how Democrats claim to favor the poor, while actually favoring the rich, than this absurdity.  The article goes onto the skewer the rest of the tax cut bill, but here is an area where this change hurt people who are paying $25,000 a year in property taxes (what do you think the property taxes are like on those $100 million houses in the Hollywood Hills and Malibu Beach are like?), and because the standard deduction increased, the vast majority of Americans came out ahead.  The next time one of your wealthy liberal friends (but I repeat myself) complains about economic inequity, ask them why Democrats are trying to make Bezos, Bill Gates, and the Google billionaires better off.

Very Awesome Film: St. Helens (1981)

Just enjoyed a film on YouTube  It is drama, so subplots are added to a very factual story of the efforts of USGS geologist David Johnston to get the area around the volcano evacuated,  saving thousands of lives.  One part that seems fiction, but is not, was Johnston flying into the crater to collect gases that showed the volcano was fast approaching a major eruption.  If you ever get to Southwest Washington,  make sure get to the Visitor's Center for the Park.  It is a beautiful area, especially now that everything is growing back. 

The film portrays Harry Truman, owner of Spirit Lodge, as a cranky, patriotic idiosyncratic old coot, the sort who made possible the American Century. 

The High Value of Restraining Orders


"Two women and a baby girl shot dead in their home; slayer hides in brooklyn," evening world. (New York, N.Y.), 13 Nov. 1911
"Detectives are looking for a relative of Mrs. Delano who was recently put under bonds to keep the peace because of hostile demonstrations he had been making at the Lefaro home."

Fortunately, the Sullivan Act had taken effect several months before, making this crime even less likely.

Today's Spam Special

 The subject is a multidigit number such as verification code emails often use:

 Do you want extra income? Are you still worried about money? Do you know the importance of money only when things happen? Don587211>'t want 10871>to get rich4524>? Th8745>e most p6268>rofita5748>ble wea817>lth pa08>ssword 4586616>in 20256>0 is 94>cryptoc166529>urren409844>cy in87>ves9828>tme0173300>nt. You0953547> only 7079>need a0106> mo83641>bile 4745>phone t1933>o foll766276>ow 728>me t009962>o l01686069>earn9010>, simple610242> and 64212>easy to824406> us512>e, low investme978>nt, l03652>arge3100348425> profi636>ts. Plea348>se co6663359>ntact whatsapp: +1(406)414-6388

I have no need for income in 20256.  Or is that a logical expression: year 1?

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

I Am Sure Neo-Nazis Everywhere Will Be Pleased

 9/7/20 Breitbart:

Two women hope to create an all-black community in central Georgia as a way to deal with “400 years of racial oppression.”

Microsoft News used a “good news” tag for the report, which said that as the United States “continues to confront the toxic legacy of slavery and Jim Crow,” the women want to create “a tight-knit community for our people to just come and breathe”:

America would not be better off segregated by race.  But all the gang members they want to invite in to "breathe": please! 

Remember when segregation was bad?

The First Nice Day in Weeks

For a couple odd weeks ast least, it had been so hot in the afternoon that sitting on the back porch reading would have miserable even though it is in the afternoon shade.  Today it is too cold to sit back there.  Instead I am reading science fiction on the front porch.  Even direct sunlight is tolerable at these temperatures. 

I Always Wondered Why I Like Indian Food So Much

 9/7/20 Belfast Telegraph:

A restaurant in Co Down was used to launder cash for one of the largest criminal enterprises in the UK.

The Taj Tandoori, in Bangor, had deposits in its accounts that came from Alam Zeb Khan's £180million heroin empire.

Last week the National Crime Agency (NCA), which was part of the taskforce that busted the drugs gangs in 2014, announced it had recovered £17million from the cartel's property portfolio.

That included three properties in Bangor and 56 private residences rented out in Birmingham, where the gang was based.

The network was controlled by Alam Zeb Khan, who is serving jail time for importing heroin and money laundering.

I Am Not Calling This Pop the Champagne News, But Still

 9/8/20 Belfast Telegraph:

Coronavirus patients can suffer long-term lung and heart damage but for many this tends to improve over time, a study suggests.

Researchers in the Tyrolean region of Austria recruited coronavirus patients who had been admitted to hospital, and at the European Respiratory Society International Congress today they reported on the first 86 patients enrolled between April 29 and June 9.

The patients were scheduled to return for evaluation six, 12 and 24 weeks after being discharged.

On their first visit, more than half had at least one persistent symptom, predominantly breathlessness and coughing, and CT scans still showed lung damage in 88% of patients.

But by the time of their next visit, 12 weeks after discharge, the symptoms had improved, and lung damage was reduced to 56%.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Gullibility Testing

 Over the years, I have seen a lot of very kooky things on the Internet.  I invented the quote: "Not every quotation on the Internet is true." -- Abraham Lincoln  One of my favorites was a website that explained:

1. The Earth is 6000 years old.

2. The Earth is flat.

3. 9/11 was an inside job.

The latest piece of amazing knowledge was an email about a Hollywood insider makes a video that rolls COVID-19, Jeffrey Epstein breeding babies for Satanic sacrifice as well as rape.  And the part that made my eyes roll Linda Blair style:

It is not mentioned in this video but Covid 19 has been used as a cover while specially trained military teams have raided and release hundreds of thousands all over the world. they were being kept in massive tunnel systems in every country as well as the Vatican where 1000 were released after a raid

These tunnels go back thousands of years along with the newer ones. After rescue some of the tunnels are being blown up. It has been estimated that if the tunnels were filled with sea water the ocean level would drop 300 feet.

 I sometimes wonder if these will be part of a sociologist's doctoral dissertation: "'I Saw it on the Internet': Popular Gullibility as the Basis for Elite Proletariat Rule"

Not Born Into Being Human

 Small Dead Animals (one of my favorite blogs) has video of a racism trainer explaining that not only are all white people racist but that they cannot work past it, and "I believe white people are born not into being human."  It appears to be one of those mandatory corporate training exercises.  I would love to see the corporate CEO explain why requiring (or even paying for this a voluntary training) does not qualify as creating a hostile work environment.

PowerlineBlog says this clip was from a training of Seattle City employees three years ago. Apparently the Justice Department is asking questions about the legality of imposing this on employees based on their depraved perhaps non human race.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Refusing to Concede in November

 Powerlineblog points that the Democrats have this fantasy that Trump will refuse to accept defeat.  (Like they did in 2016?)  But the 12th Amendment defines the procedure pretty clearly:

The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice.

Every state gets one vote.  While Democrats have a majority of Representatives right now, if you group them by state, how many states are majority Democrat Representatives and how many majority Republican Representatives?  Much of the Democrat majority in the House are high population states like California and New York, where having most of them being Democrat assures only that state of picking Biden.  But the total number of Representatives is very close to the number of Electoral votes.  Has anyone added up the number of D and R Representatives by state?  I suspect that the preponderance of Democrats in single states will make a House vote a Trump victory, with predictable ranting about Trump stealing the election.

One of you clever people noticed:

The Twelfth Amendment mandates Congress assemble in joint session to count the electoral votes and declare the winners of the election.[106] The session is ordinarily required to take place on January 6 in the calendar year immediately following the meetings of the presidential electors.[107] Since the Twentieth Amendment, the newly elected Congress declares the winner of the election; all elections before 1936 were determined by the outgoing House.

So a Republican sweep of Congress, which I expect, would still likely put Trump back in office and Nancy Pelosi in apoplexy.

Do Not Laugh

 Just don't try your new combat moves first time in real combat.  Rioter throws Molotov Cocktail, sets fire to comrade.  Scott Adams tweeted a version with the Footloose sound track.

The First Time I Heard the Term Trustfarian, I Just Lost It

 9/5/20 New York Post:

One of the Black Lives Matter protesters now facing felony rioting and misdemeanor graffiti charges — after a window-smashing free-for-all in Manhattan — is a wealthy Upper East Sider whose mother is an architect and whose father is a child psychiatrist.

Clara Kraebber, 20, is one of eight people arrested Friday night after a roiling, three-hour rampage that police say caused at least $100,000 in damage from Foley Square up to 24th Street.

“Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground!” the group chanted as it moved up Lafayette Street while busting the plate glass facades of banks, Starbucks and Duane-Reades.

The protest was organized by groups calling themselves the “New Afrikan Black Panther Party” and the “Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement.”...

“This is the height of hypocrisy,” one law enforcement source who was at the protest told The Post. “This girl should be the poster child for white privilege, growing up on the Upper East Side and another home in Connecticut.

“I wonder how her rich parents feel about their daughter. How would they feel if they graffitied their townhouse?”

 Trust me, I want to be a fly on the wall at dinner time there.

FEMA Camp Paranoia

 During Bush's second term, the left was sending around paranoid emails claiming that FEMA had built a two million man concentration camp in Alaska for "dissidents."  My reaction was:

1. That should be easily photographed from space.  Where are the satellite pictures.

2. Alaska?  How would get two million "dissidents" there.  Flying that number would be impractical. Sending them across frozen California (our neighbor to the north and sorta ally) by truck or train would be glaringly obvious and impossible to hide.

Then after Obama was elected, the conspiracy theorists peddling this were "conservatives" (in quotes because the John Birch Society and similar groups are well outside the realm of respectable conservative thought).  At least they were claiming camps in the lower 48; I was informed that there was one east of Boise.  So I asked, do you have some pictures?  Dead silence.

This time, the source is the Ohio state government web site.  

Non-congregate sheltering be utilized throughout the state for those who are unable to safely self quarantine in their place of residence and to isolate those diagnosed with or showing symptoms of COVID-19. Examples of the types of persons included in this order are those who test positive for COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization but need isolation (including those exiting from hospitals); those who have been exposed to COVID-19 who do not require hospitalization; and asymptomatic high-risk individuals needing social distancing as a precautionary measure. Sheltering specific populations in non-congregate shelters should be determined by a local public health official’s direction or guidance and should be based on individual needs

Non-congregate I believe means isolation.  No mention of due process.

It appears to be a prewritten order dated August XX 2020.  Curiously, the link includes the words Second_Amendment.  Is this a hack?  The more I look at that URL, the more sure that I am this either a hack, or an unauthorized posting by an Ohio state employee.

UPDATE: I was not claiming the JBS promoted the FEMA claims.  JBS, in spite of a fairly libertarian leaning, made themselves absurd with their conspiracy theory explanation of statism. Conspiracies require intelligence and planning; statists lack both.  Stupidity on the other hand is the second most common element in the universe.

Some of you noticed that the link is Second Amended.  I am also told that is linked to under August orders here.  It is here.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Epoch (2001)

Someone spent a lot of money making a Sci-Fi movie that was utterly unpredictable, but so high in the implausibility index and bad acting that I did not care enough to get to the end.

Mussolini's Fascism

 I read this Area Handbook for Italy shortly after it was published in 1977.  I have been looking for it ever since.

Eugene K. Keefe, Area Handbook for Italy,  1st. ed. (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1977), p. 30.

Trump Says Stop Racism Training

 The order is here.  If a training promotes that idea that one race promotes racism, or requires workers to admit to being beneficiaries of racism, it gets no funding.  This critical race garbage aggravates any existing racism out there and funnels taxpayer money into the pockets of charlatans.  

Racism exists.  But:

For example, according to press reports, employees across the Executive Branch have been required to attend trainings where they are told that "virtually all White people contribute to racism" or where they are required to say that they "benefit from racism." According to press reports, in some cases these training have further claimed that there is racism embedded in the belief that America is the land of opportunity or the belief that the most qualified person should receive a job.

I do not doubt this.  The college who we dare not name is currently promoting a at least for now voluntary self-criticism program built around the idea this collection of generally progressive whites are beneficiaries of racism--and yet they are still teaching, instead of engaging in career seppuku.  

The promotion of these ideas accomplishes nothing useful.  If "virtually all White people contribute to racism," then every white university instructor should be fired immediately as well as all white K-12 teachers.  And all white cops, judges, and social workers.  And all white prosecutors and public defenders.  

This would largely unemploy several million progressive and liberal whites.  Like Mao's Great Leap Forward, in which faculty, doctors, and other educated Chinese were sent out to farm, and peasants were made into doctors by fiat.  I doubt that this did much either for crop production or medical care.

Two Words That I Would Never Have Expected Together


CAD/CAM dentistry

Make No Mistake About What BLM Really Means

9/5/20 Washington Post:

Violence erupted Friday night and Saturday morning in Rochester, N.Y., amid a third night of protests over the March death of Daniel T. Prude, a Black man whom police hooded and pinned to the ground in a graphic video that drew an outcry this week.

Screams rang out as a driver collided with someone who tumbled over the car’s hood and fell to the ground, in a scene mirroring other vehicles’ targeting of protesters this summer. Three officers were hospitalized after sustaining cuts, serious swelling, burns and bruises from “projectiles and incendiary devices,” police told local news. A bus stop went up in flames, and patrons hurriedly left restaurants where people threw tables and broke glass amid protest chants.



Collimating Baby

 Collimating a Newtonian is the most important part of getting it able to show sharp images.  I was a little unsure how this was going to work on Baby.  

You need to get the diagonal exactly square to the optical axis before using the screws on the mirror cell.  I was waiting for a long socket head wrench to arrive for adjusting the diagonal, the first step in the process.  (I already bought this wrench; it disappeared in the move.)  I was thrilled to get perfect collimation almost immediately!

Friday, September 4, 2020

Make North America Great Again!

Video of the building of the St. Lawrence Seaway; a joint U.S. and Canadian project that reminds us that both nations used to be willing and capable off doing great things.

Antifa Getting Ready For Their New Role in American Society

 9/4/20 Reason:

"YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FILM!" is a cry you hear incessantly at protests in Portland, Oregon, always shouted at close range to your face by after-dark demonstrators. You can assert that, yes, you can film; you can point out that they themselves are filming incessantly; you can push their hands away from covering your phone; you can have your phone record them stealing your phone—all of these things have happened to me—and none will have any impact on their contention that "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FILM" and its occasional variation, "PHOTOGRAPHY EQUALS DEATH!"

You know, like "Silence equals violence!"   It is an interesting article about how the only authorized media--the ones the mob allows to film--are leftists with mainstream associations.  This being Reason, they have to pretend that there is some conservative effort to twist what is going on:

Both sides are getting their information through purposely bottlenecked media reports, and the results are predictably distorted and dangerous.

Progressives are not being bottlenecked; their reporters are allowed to report for the lamestream media.  Conservatives are attacked; equipment stolen or broken.

I Started Taking Vitamin D Several Weeks Ago

9/3/20 UPI:

Sept. 3 (UPI) -- Vitamin D deficiency increases a person's risk for catching COVID-19 by 77% compared to those with sufficient levels of the nutrient, a study published Thursday by JAMA Network Open found.

As many as one in four of the nearly 500 participants in the study were found to have less-than-optimal levels of vitamin D, the data showed.

Tell me if you see any coverage of this in the national media.  Remember, their only goal is to defeat Trump, no matter how many lives need to be lost.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

If There is White Privilege, Explain This

 9/3/20 New York Post:

Despite publicly living as a black woman for years, George Washington University associate professor Jessica Krug admitted Thursday that she is actually a “culture leech” — who is white.

“For the better part of my adult life, every move I’ve made, every relationship I’ve formed, has been rooted in the napalm toxic soil of lies,” Krug, 38, writes in a brief but life-shattering Medium post titled “The Truth, and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies.”

The self-proclaimed “historian of politics, ideas, and cultural practices in Africa and the African Diaspora” goes on to detail a lengthy trail of public deception.


 Email signature blocks with preferred pronouns.  What should mine be to really upset the SJWs?

nxs and sob.  But at work that would get me in trouble.

Sorry to All of You in the Boise Area

 It seems wherever I move suffers explosive growth in housing prices.  This area is now turning into the San Fernando Valley.  Every two-lane road in Canyon County now needs to be six lanes, because every parcel of farmland is now growing subdivisions instead of corn.  Traffic jams are becoming intolerable.  

I moved to Sonoma County and a zillion highly paid engineers followed me (some literally recruited by me into those jobs); housing skyrocketed as jobs appeared; then the billionaires and millionaires that most of my co-workers became pumped it some more.  San Jose did the same thing.  Now Boise.  I am thinking south Oregon coast next.

Now that I think of it, I became a software engineer in the 1970s before it was cool.  Am I a boom wave rider?

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Like to Watch Nuclear Explosions?

Yes, it is rather like admiring the beauty of a coral snake, but these French Polynesians blasts are really quite pretty.

A co-worker many years ago had been part of nuclear tests in Nevada when he was in the Army, and he said that they were quite beautiful up close.   He worried that they might have exposed him and the other soldiers to too much radiation because his daughter was born missing several volunteers in her foot, but she went on to be a track star, so perhaps improving the species. 

Always Nice to be unPC and Be Paid For It

$600 dividend on my Ruger stock.

Toad in the Hole Is Not Just the Unappetizing Name for an English Bread Pudding

The dogs have shown an unhealthy interest in toads in our yard lately.  (At least unhealthy for the toads.)  

I was in the back of the fenced area today, figuring where to put the shop/telescope garage.  I noticed a toad in the alluvial pan dirt.  Lillie immediately decided it needed investigation or worse, and Mr. Toad crawled in to a hole that seemed too small to fit.

Baby Needed Another Counterweight

 The crackle finish black round thing is the counter weight that came with the EQ-1 mount.  Unfortunately, it was not quite enough weight to counterbalance Baby:

I needed about another pound.  If I had a chunk of round aluminum lying around, I would have used it.  But I had a block of aluminum.  I was pleased to see that my math skills and knowledge of aluminum's density (2.7 g/cc) were sufficient to cut a 15 oz. block, square it, then drill an 1/2" hole for the axis.  

How to hold it in place?  The lazy way would be a 1/4"-20 bolt in a threaded hole, but the bolt would have marred the axis each time I tightened it.  So I tapped 1/4"-20 through the side to the bore hole and looked for a piece of acetal rod that I could turn down to .2".  This would go between the end of the bolt and the shaft.  

No luck on acetal.  I did find a .125" diameter brass rod in my odd scrap collection.  No turning required.  No risk of scarring the axis.  Just dropped a short piece down the hole and put in the bolt.  

When I took off the factory counterweight to install the new one, I discovered it used the same technique, and like my design, it was not captive: when I removed it, the rod slid through to the bore hole, but it was long enough to not fall out the bore hole.  I am about to run to the pharmacy, so I will buy a 1/4"-20 thumbscrew at Star Merc, and probably cut a longer brass rod so that it does not fall out the bore hole when I remove the counterweight.

Counterweight perfectly balances Baby.

I found some knobs with 1/4"-20 threads to replace the hex head bolt pictured above.  I had hoped for a knurled head thumbscrew,  but this multiple lobed knob provides much superior locking over any hand tightenable bolt or screw.

Remember: Rioting in Portland is Confined to a Small Area Downtown

 9/1/20 Portland Police:

A mass gathering devolved into a riot after individuals broke windows, burglarized a business, and lit a fire in an occupied apartment building.

A group began by gathering in the North Park Blocks near Northwest Park Avenue and Northwest Couch Street. About 10:00p.m., a march began in the street to the area of Northwest 10th Avenue and Northwest Glisan Street. Some in the crowd began lighting off what appeared to be illegal commercial-grade fireworks. A fire was lit in a garbage can in the street. Some windows were broken and walls were defaced with graffiti (photo). In an attempt to deescalate, officers stayed out of sight and monitored the situation from a distance. However, the vandalism and burning continued. People were seen burglarizing a business, taking furniture out, and throwing it on the fires in the street (photo).

At 11:05p.m., due to the ongoing criminal behavior, the incident was declared an unlawful assembly and all persons were told over loudspeaker to immediately leave the area by traveling to the west. Failure to adhere to this order may subject them to arrest, citation, or crowd control agents, including, but not limited to, tear gas and/or impact weapons.

About 2 minutes later, officers observed someone throw burning material through a broken window into a ground-level business in a large, occupied apartment building. Out of concern that the fire could spread, causing an extreme life safety concern, the incident was declared a riot.
I post this because liars on social media have claimed the rioting is confined to just a few blocks.

9/2/20 Portland Oregonian:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says he’s looking for a new place to live after his Pearl District condo building has been the site of repeated demonstrations, including on Monday when crowds demanded he resign and some people set fires and broke windows.

In an email Tuesday from Wheeler to other residents of the 16-floor high-rise tower, the mayor said it would be “best for me and for everyone else’s safety and peace” that he finds a new home. He assured people that police are taking their safety concerns seriously and invited them to a Thursday evening meeting that will include himself and officers to voice their concerns.

Now remember, Wheeler supports this craziness. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

This Story is Getting Lots of Attention

 Someone mentioned it at men's Bible study last night.  A story is floating around Facebook (the go-to source for accurate news:-)) that CDC has adjusted their numbers to show only 9,210 deaths.  Reading the CDC report immediately showed that this was wrong.  This 9/1/20 Detroit Free Press story explains it well:

The NCHS report shows that the vast majority of coronavirus-related deaths occur in patients with comorbidities. But that doesn’t mean COVID-19 wasn’t a factor.

"A small number of people have COVID ascribed as the sole cause of death. It may be they had no comorbidities or they were just not noted," said Dr. Myron Cohen, director of the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "However, it is also clear that advanced age and several other underlying diseases lead to bad outcomes with COVID infections. The people dying were not going to die but for the acquisition of COVID." 

Remember: social media is for the most part ignorant people spreading "authoritative" rumors faster than a 1950s elevator car discussion. 

Monday, August 31, 2020

What are they smoking besides forests?

 8/30/20 San Francisco Chronicle:

Newsom now has a month to decide whether to sign AB2847, which would would require that semiautomatic pistols sold in the state leave a single unique imprint on bullets that are fired rather than two, as currently required. The marking, which reveals a gun’s make, model and serial number, are meant to help law enforcement investigations.

I guess revolvers are not a problem. 

“This is a bill that will assist law enforcement in solving gun-related crimes via microstamping technology and reduce the number of accidental gun deaths and injuries,” Chiu said Sunday on the Assembly floor. The measure passed on a 43-13 vote.

Accidental deaths? This refers to the other requirements for inclusion on Handgun Roster. More interesting and worrisome:
The Department of Justice shall, for each semiautomatic pistol newly added to the roster pursuant to Section 32015, remove from the roster exactly three semiautomatic pistols lacking one or more of the applicable features described in paragraphs (4), (5), and (6) of subdivision (b) and added to the roster before July 1, 2022.

This means that any new model added to the "safe" handguns list forces three older guns off the list.