Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thins That I Do Not Keep Around the House

Cash.  So many of these mass murders that I am reading are robberies, because the father (sometimes his widow) had a local reputation for keeping lots of money in the house.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Growing Up in L.A. I Never Enjoyed This Part of White Privilege

Fox News covers a segregated training session for Seattle city employees:
One handout distributed in the session reportedly declared how “racism is not our fault but we are responsible." Another said White staffers must give up “the land” and their “guaranteed physical safety” in order to be an “accomplice” for racial justice.
Do they want a race war?  These are some really messed up people, who clearly have learned nothing from Rwanda.  Let me quote from a well-known racist: "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Least Surprising Headline of the Year

NYPD limits retirement applications amid 400 percent surge this week
That's okay; we are past that societal stage anyway.

Not Even Peak Stupidity for July

PJMedia article about a PhD student in Mathematics Education tweeting that 2+2=4 is a Western, colonialist form of oppression.   1984 was not an instruction manual!

Civil war is coming.   I have no idea how they are going to do indirect artillery fire.  Sarcasm.  They aren't going to use artillery, just biting slogans and shaming.

Peak Feminist Stupidity Coming?

The Guardian reports on upward thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky.

Yes, more evidence that feminists did not get the memo from Freud: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Peak Pretend Racism Not Yet Reached

The Unintentional Racism Found in Traffic Signals...

But what about the far more subtle streams of everyday racism that course through our homes, our workplaces, and the outside world? These instances may be far subtler than a mascot or an offensive term, but are no less pervasive — and no less deserving of cultural reckoning.

For me, this reckoning begins with traffic signals.

A few months back, before Covid-19 kept us in our homes and George Floyd made us take to the streets, I was walking with a friend, her daughter, and my twin sons. My friend is White and I’m not — something I’d never given a second thought until we reached a crosswalk. “Remember, honey,” she said to her daughter as we waited for the light to turn green, “we need to wait for the little White man to appear before we can cross the street.”

I realize that White people like to exert control over nearly everything everyone does, I thought, but since when did this literally include trying to cross the street?

I am waiting for Crayola to replace all those segregated colors with just gray-brown.

By the end, he finally realizes it is about visibility, but this much energy concerned about this "racism" is the sign of a person with serious emotional problems: a progressive.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Peak Pretend Racism

ABC News complains about the Great White Outdoors in U.S.  They interview POCs about feeling unwanted or out of place.

As one of the comments observes: "We must immediately close down these stubborn bastions of self-segregation. If black folks wont take their kids in the family truckster, on a vacation they don’t want, then no one should be allowed to visit these parks! No justice, no parks!"

I keep wondering if there is a video equivalent of a sarc tag and where it is supposed to appear. Every American needs to watch this and ask why the Democrats are having to imagine racism. Is there not enough of the real thing?

Are You Seeing These Ads?

said they did not have
emergency funds to cover three months of expenses.
What are those numbers for everyone else?  My impression is that many Americans are in similar situations.  The answer:

A large number of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and lack funds necessary if an emergency arises, according to recent surveys.

Willis Towers Watson’s Global Benefits Attitudes Survey discovered that although 58 percent of workers think their finances are heading in the right direction, 38 percent of employees are living paycheck to paycheck, and 39 percent could not come up with $3,000 in an emergency. 

Almost one-fifth of those making more than $100,000 are living paycheck to paycheck, and about one-third say their financial problems negatively affect their lives. The survey polled 8,000 American workers.

If you are living paycheck to paycheck on $100,000 a year, it is time for some serious budget examination.  The rest of the article is similarly depressing evidence that many Americans are incompetent to run their own lives, much less anyone else's lives.

And the hash tag #WeAreDoneDying

Charlotte, N.C. (2020)

6/21/2020: Block party celebrating Juneteenth went bad; more than 100 shots fired.  “A video posted on Twitter showed the scene when an ambulance arrived for a report of someone being hit by a car. It was at this time that shots were fired, with more than 20 shots being heard on video.”  The shooters (still unidentified), killed four and injured five others.  Five more were injured “when they were hit by vehicles driving away from the chaos.”

Category: public

Suicide: no

Cause: unknown

Weapon: firearms[1]

[1] "'People were running everywhere'; 4 killed, 10 hurt in north Charlotte shooting," WCNC, Jun. 24, 2020,, last accessed July 7, 2020; "Community calls for change after Beatties Ford Road shooting kills 4, injures 10," WCNC, Jun. 23, 2020,, last accessed July 7, 2020.

And at that second article: whataboutism:

“You guys always say 'Black Lives Matter,' but you’re out here killing each other,” said Sabrina Cassell, Jamaa’s cousin.

Food Memories

I was having a chili dog for lunch, and the chili triggered a messy memory. 

It was 1971.  We were driving north to Seattle for my grandmother's funeral.  My parents had this monstrously big and very fast 1967 Pontiac Ventura.  It developed engine problems (timing chain? timing belt?) near Sacramento, so we spent the night waiting for repair.  We went to see Andromeda Strain, one of the most intense movies that I had seen until Alien. I had already read the book, and become addicted to the late Michael Crichton's writing.

Time before the showing was short so we went into a Denny's and ordered meals to go.  I ordered a "chili size" which in 1970s parlance was an open face burger smothered in chili.  Imagine a 14 year old eating this out of a Styrofoam container in the dark.

Good News From CDC

Based on death certificate data, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia, influenza or COVID-19 (PIC) decreased from 9.0% during week 25 to 5.9% during week 26, representing the tenth week of a declining percentage of deaths due to PIC. The percentage is currently at the epidemic threshold but will likely change as more death certificates are processed, particularly for recent weeks.
We are not out of the woods yet, but the much claimed "disaster is coming, lock everything down to defeat Trump" is becoming less plausible.  Increased testing and no limits on protesting likely are causing increased infection rates, but largely among younger people, who are at low levels of risk from death.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Black Hand Really Evil

New York, N.Y. (1909)

4/30/1909: The Black Hand, a predecessor of the Mafia attempted to extort $1000 from a grocery store owner of the first floor of a tenement.  Because he failed to pay, the Black Hand burned the building down, killing eight residents. 

Category: residential

Suicide: no

Cause: extortion

Weapon: arson[1]

[1] “Black Hand Members Burned Tenement in New York,” Albuquerque Citizen, Apr. 30, 1909, 1.

Not the only such extortion mass murder by them in my database nor even the worst.

Sounds Old West, But Actually 1909

The Statue of the Best Known White Supremacist Was Just Destroyed: Frederick Douglass

On the same weekend in which famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass 168 years ago delivered one of his most historically resonant speeches, a statue of Douglass was toppled from its base and left near the Genesee River gorge.

Located in Maplewood Park, the statue "had been placed over the fence to the gorge and was leaning against the fence" on the river side, according to a statement from Rochester police. The statue was left about 50 feet from its pedestal.

The base and lower part of the statue was damaged, as was a finger on the statue's left hand.

I am confused; the elk clearly had it coming.  When will the national news media speak out against this increasingly irrational vandalism?

Another Reminder That Mass Murderers Are Endlessly Creative

Parkersburg, W.Va. (1909)

3/19/1909: Someone dynamited the city’s two water tanks, drowning six, injuring many others, and destroying 40 homes.

Category: public

Suicide: no

Cause: unknown

Weapon: drowning[1]

[1] "Tanks Were Blown Up By Miscreants," Hattiesburg [Miss.] News, Mar. 19, 1909, 1.