Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Mean and Nasty Remark About Millenials

Aetna's CEO explains why millenials aren't buying health insurance:
"As the rates rise, the healthier people pull out because the out-of-pocket costs aren't worth it," Bertolini said. "Young people can do the math. Gas for the car, beer on Fridays and Saturdays, health insurance."
Of course with the $5000 deductibles, it does seem like that health insurance is more pretend than real, so perhaps this is a rational decision. The Hildebeast is still defending Obamacare; it just needs a few fixes.  The Republicans who said it wouldn't work?  What do they know?

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Rick C said...

$5000 is last year's news. I was talking to someone on Facebook today who put up screenshots of some of the individual exchange plans available to her (IIRC in Georgia), and they had $14,000 deductibles.