Monday, November 27, 2017

Mirror Cell

Traditional mirror cells hold the mirror in place with clips that are flat metal with a 90 degree bend. One part is held to the outside of the cell where the hole for the screw can be far from the edge of the clip.  Attaching on the front face of the cell gives limited room for the screw hole.  I think I have been successful, even though the hole is. 151" diameter,  .090" from the edge of the clip.  I still need to assemble and make sure that it all works.  My clips are a bit longer than I want (blocking light and adding reflections, even once painted flat black) so I will mill them to length tomorrow.  My wife thinks working to hard on these things is part of my voice issues when I lecture,  and I think she is right.  Monday is so nothing day.

The mirror cell is about .37" too deep,  so I can either pad the bottom with double sided foam tape or turn the outer tube by that much.  I am getting tired of the work involved;  so I think I will go with the foam tape.

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