Saturday, October 29, 2016

Innumeracy Among Democrats

I posted a video a few days ago in which Obama claimed Obamacare would reduce employer-paid health insurance premiums 3000%.  I have almost reached the point of understanding "This is 30x smaller" to mean 1/30th of X.  But 3000%?  A 50% reduction would cut premiums in half.  A 100% reduction would mean $0 premiums.  But 3000%?  If some idiot gave me a speech like that to give, my math radar would go off, and  would demand a sensible re-write for fear of being laughed at by my audience.  But Obama is so innumerate and ignorant that he said it, and his Democrat audience was too innumerate to realize what a foolish statement this was.  It isn't just literacy tests we need for voting; it's numeracy tests.

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