Monday, October 10, 2016

What's wrong with this?

Getting lunch at Smashburger at Boise Airport. A woman came up to complain thather burger at meat in it.  A vegetarian;-what's wrong with this picture?

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DOuglas2 said...

The Smashburger black-bean veggie-cheeseburger has been a hit with my non-meat-eating friends. I suspect that this is because unlike many vegetarian options it contains cheese made with animal rennet and it is fried on the same grills as their beef products in beef grease, but I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one even though the above has been public knowledge for years and is readily admitted if you ask at the restaurant.

But I can see how easy it is in a production-food environment for sandwiches to get mixed up. There was probably another patron who was very upset that their burger was a black-bean patty.