Saturday, October 8, 2016

Since I can't get Eclipse-CDT to work anymore

I love emacs, but using gdb to debug is a giant leap back to the 1970s.  DDD is a very nice graphical debugger for Linux that does what a proper debugger should: set breakpoints, display variable values when you mouse over them, and let you display in a windows.  Emacs, make and ddd; maybe I won't miss Eclipse.

The one item that frustrates me is the Emacs next-error command.  This was so useful when the compiler had errors in a shell windows as you next-errored through the list while it positioned on the error line in the source in another window.    What I get is "No buffers contain error message locations."

UPDATE: The problem is that I wrote a keyboard macro that opens a shell and does a make command.  Using the built-in command compile works with next-error as expected.


StormCchaser said...

There must be a way to get Eclipse CDT to work again. I don't know your environment, but unless it is really odd, it should be one that a lot of other people are using. Have you googling or asking for help?

You could also try Netbeans, which is similar to Eclipse but a totally different project.

In my current C environments, I don't use Eclipse. One environment is an Arduino, so no GUI. The other is Solaris over a VPN, and I just haven't gotten around to making X-windows go through the pipe, although that might change.

Clayton Cramer said...

Emacs, make, and DDD give me what I need enough that I have interest in returning to the complexity of Eclipse. To much obscurity as to where files are actually stored. Debian Wheezy for LinuxCNC, BTW.

Michael The Magnificent said...

I went round and round with Eclipse. Finally gave up and tried NetBeans, got it working with xdebug, and haven't looked back.